Six Ways to Save on Horse Health

Owning and caring for a horse can be pricey. These tips will help you maintain horse health without breaking the bank.

You have to spend money to keep your horse healthy. However, taking advantage of AQHA member benefits will help you save. Journal photo

Owning an American Quarter Horse is an amazing experience that brings joy and hands-on learning. Such a great opportunity as owning a horse, however, comes with great responsibility.

Along with time, horse showing and riding enthusiasts devote a large amount of money to their equine partner’s health. Spending money on health products is necessary, but luckily, AQHA members can save in big ways. Here are six ways you can maintain horse health without breaking the bank.

  1. Save on SmartPak

As the official joint supplement provider and supplement feeding system of AQHA, SmartPak offers a 5 percent discount on all AQHA member purchases. Taking advantage of this deal will help you rack up the savings, all while providing your horse with the supplements he needs!

Are you looking into purchasing your first horse? Being aware of all the costs involved is an important part of responsible horse ownership. Learn more about how much you can expect to spend on a horse in AQHA’s Buying and Owning Your First Horse ebook.

  1. Help prevent injuries with Professional’s Choice

It’s important to remember that infection and disease aren’t the only misfortunes we have to protect our equine partners against. Lameness issues are all too common, especially among performance horses. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and horse owners who have dealt with lameness know this is all too true.

AQHA Corporate Partner Professional’s Choice offers an extensive line of products that can help prevent bone, tendon and soft tissue injuries. The Sports Medicine products support a horse’s leg and suspensory ligament, helping prevent career-ending injuries and expensive vet visits. As an AQHA member, you receive 10 percent off Professional’s Choice products, helping you save even more on horse health.

  1. Feeding Nutrena every day can help keep the vet away

Feeding right can help prevent short and long-term equine health problems. Nutrena, the official feed partner of AQHA, provides feeds that will help your horse feel his best. With their wide variety of products, you can choose a feed that is specialized for your horse’s condition.

Nutrena can help you bring out the best in your horse, at any age or activity level, with feed that is nutrient-focused for overall horse health and precisely balanced, with a consistent flow of nutrients in every bag. Get more feeding advice from Nutrena’s Feed Room blog.

  1. Knowledge is power

Being an educated horse owner can help you catch minor horse health issues before they turn into big, long-term problems. In every issue, The American Quarter Horse Journal gives readers an inside look at horse-health issues. A variety of topics are addressed, providing information to help you identify small health concerns before they become threatening or pricey problems.

In addition, you can find horse-health product coupons in The American Quarter Horse Journal and America’s Horse, helping you save money while learning about horse health.       

When it comes to owning a horse, money is just one of the many resources needed for proper care of your equine partner. Discover what you should expect when purchasing your first horse with AQHA’s Buying and Owning Your First Horse ebook.  

  1. Make money with MAX, Merial Awards Xpress

Collecting rebates on equine products has never been easier with MAX, Merial Awards Xpress. The simple app allows you to login, scan and submit receipts, then show your rebate status. Once you reach $10, you’re eligible for a reloadable Merial MAX, Merial Awards Xpress Visa® Prepaid card or a check mailed directly to you, making it fast and easy to save on horse health products!

  1. Become a Farnam “couponer”

Couponing isn’t just a method to save on groceries - you can hit the “discount jackpot” on horse-health purchases with coupons from Farnam. Small amounts can add up quickly, so shaving dollars off fly spray and dewormer, plus grooming, hoof- and wound-care products, can lead to substantial amounts over time.

Spending conscientiously and taking advantage of special offers can really pay off when it comes to horse-health products. Use these six tips and start saving big while keeping your horse healthy and happy!

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