An Oral Gel Sedative Makes Routine Horse Care Easier

Prescribed by your veterinarian, given by you.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Zoetis

Good horse husbandry is important to ensure a healthy and productive experience with your American Quarter Horse. However, a stressed horse can make the most routine care procedures difficult — even with horses that typically are calm.

If your horse is prone to becoming nervous or unruly, consider administering DORMOSEDAN GEL® (detomidine hydrochloride) to help you successfully complete procedures such as bandage changing, hoof trimming, shoeing, sheath cleaning, first-time turnout, body clipping, mane pulling and bridle path trimming. It can help improve safety for your horse and surrounding animals, as well as for you and handlers.

DORMOSEDAN GEL is a safe, effective way for you to administer a mild, standing sedative prior to routine non-painful procedures on occasions when your horses won’t cooperate. This FDA-approved oral gel sedative must be obtained through a veterinary prescription, but it can be safely administered by you through an easy-to-use, single-dose applicator. The applicator looks and acts much like a deworming tube. However, unlike a dewormer, DORMOSEDAN GEL is administered under the tongue for absorption. It’s also a convenient option for needle-shy horses or for horse owners who are uncomfortable giving injections.

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In a recent survey, 93 percent of horse owners who sampled DORMOSEDAN GEL said they would use it again, and 89 percent agreed it made husbandry procedures easier to complete.*

How does it work? The active ingredient, detomidine hydrochloride, is absorbed through the horse’s mucous membranes (moist membranes of the mouth). DORMOSEDAN GEL takes about 40 minutes to take full effect, and it can provide standing sedation for 90 to 180 minutes. Food and water should be removed during the four hours from initial administration to full recovery. It delivers consistent results for your horse each time it’s used.

If you've ever shod, groomed or cleaned the sheath of a horse who doesn't cooperate, you’ll appreciate this sedative as much as your horse will. Ask your veterinarian how DORMOSEDAN GEL can make life easier and safer for you and your horse.

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Important Safety Information: DORMOSEDAN GEL is contraindicated in horses with known hypersensitivity to detomidine. Intravenous potentiated sulfonamides should not be used in anesthetized or sedated horses, as potentially fatal dysrhythmias may occur. Do not use DORMOSEDAN GEL in horses with pre-existing atrioventricular (AV) or sinoatrial (SA) blocks, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, liver or kidney diseases, or in conditions of shock, severe debilitation or stress due to extreme heat, cold, fatigue or high altitude. Appropriate precautions should be taken while handling and using gel-dosing syringes, as DORMOSEDAN GEL can be absorbed following direct exposure to skin, eyes or mouth, and may cause irritation. The use of impermeable gloves is advised.  For complete details refer to the full prescribing information, or go to

*Zoetis DORMOSEDAN GEL Sampling Survey 2013

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