Grooming Guide

Get the quick tips you need to groom your horse properly.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Farnam

Whether you’re at a show or on a trail ride, it takes time and dedication to make your horse shine. Let Farnam show you how to keep your horse looking like the winner he is with the new Vetrolin grooming guide. Here are a few quick bathing tips:

    • To wash the tail, dunk it in a bucket and work the soap in gently with your hands. Use the tail ends to suds the entire tail. Don’t scrub too hard–it can break off hairs.
    • Scrub the tail down to the roots. Lingering dirt becomes obvious if you braid your horse’s tail for a show.

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    • Be sure to rinse your horse thoroughly. Soap residue can cause irritation.
    • When you’re short on time, bathe your horse with Vetrolin Body Wash. One-step shampoo applicator attaches to the hose to get deep down to the skin and blast out the dirt and sweat in just minutes!
    • After you’ve bathed your horse, clean your brushes by soaking them in the sudsy water for a few minutes. A clean brush helps keep your horse cleaner longer.

Each page of this informational guide discusses techniques for keeping your horse looking and feeling his best. Topics include proper bathing and tail cleaning, cleaning tough stains, managing unruly hair, adding a shine and protecting the coat and hair which all help keep your horse looking show-ring ready. Procedures for soothing and invigorating your horse after a workout to help keep him in top form are also discussed.

The guide also provides money-saving tips that help cost-conscious horse owners make their favorite Vetrolin products last longer.

The Vetrolin grooming guide is available at participating feed and tack stores, retailer open houses and major equine trade shows and events.

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