Make Routine Horse Health Care Easier

Prescribed by your veterinarian, given by you, this oral gel sedative is both safe and effective.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Zoetis

Good horse husbandry is important to keep your horse healthy and productive. However, a stressed horse can make the most routine care procedures dangerous, difficult and inconvenient – even with horses that typically are calm.

If your horse is prone to nervousness or unruliness, consider administering DORMOSEDAN GEL® (detomidine hydrochloride) to help you accomplish procedures such as hoof trimming/shoeing, sheath cleaning, first-time turnout, body clipping, mane pulling and bridle-path trimming.

DORMOSEDAN GEL is a safe, effective way for you to administer a mild, standing sedative prior to routine procedures on occasions when your horses won’t cooperate. This oral gel sedative, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, must be obtained through a veterinary prescription, but it can be safely administered by you through an easy-to-use, single-dose applicator. The applicator looks and acts much like a deworming tube. However, unlike a dewormer, DORMOSEDAN GEL is administered under the tongue for absorption. It can help improve safety for your horse and surrounding animals, as well as for you and handlers.

“I had a client with a needle-shy horse that did not like vaccinations and was kind of dangerous,” says Dr. Howland Mansfield of Middleburg Equine Clinic in Middleburg, Virginia. “We tried it out, and it could not have worked better, and she’s a huge advocate of DORMOSEDAN GEL now.”

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That client, Denice Perry, says she’s a big fan of DORMOSEDAN GEL because of its safe sedation. She’s not alone. In a recent survey, 100 percent of veterinarians agreed that DORMOSEDAN GEL improved their client's ability to safely complete the procedure or task it was prescribed for.*

George Campbell, a horse owner from Tennessee, liked the idea of using DORMOSEDAN GEL, too. After trying it, he said it’s probably the only way he would sedate a horse because it’s easy and he doesn’t have to give an injection.

George’s veterinarian, Dr. Gregory Miller of Macon County Veterinary Hospital in Lafayette, Tennessee, agreed that his favorite thing about DORMOSEDAN GEL is the ease of use and that his clients don’t have to administer injections.

As a matter of fact, ease of use was the second-most-cited benefit of DORMOSEDAN GEL by veterinarians and horse owners in a recent survey, with the top benefit being convenience.*

“We’ve always had a little bit of demand in practice for some sort of a tranquilizer that we could leave at the farm,” says Dr. Joseph T. Lowry of Davis Junction, Illinois.

That’s exactly what Dr. Lowry’s client Gayla Creason liked about the product. She didn’t have to call her veterinarian every time she needed to sedate her horse.

How does it work? The active ingredient, detomidine hydrochloride, is absorbed through the horse’s mucous membranes (moist membranes of the mouth). DORMOSEDAN GEL takes about 40 minutes to take full effect, and it can provide standing sedation for 90 to 180 minutes. Food and water should be removed during the four hours from initial administration to full recovery. It delivers consistent results for your horse each time it’s used.

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If you've ever shod, groomed or cleaned the sheath of a horse that doesn't cooperate, you’ll appreciate this sedative as much as your horse will. Ask your veterinarian how DORMOSEDAN GEL can make life easier and safer for you and your horse.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not use DORMOSEDAN GEL in horses with pre-existing atrioventricular (AV) or sinoatrial (SA) block, with severe coronary insufficiency, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, or chronic renal failure. Do not use in anesthetized or sedated horses, or in conditions of shock, severe debilitation or stress due to extreme heat, cold, fatigue or high altitude. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption. Handle gel-dosing syringes with caution to avoid direct exposure to skin, eyes or mouth. See full prescribing information.

*Zoetis DORMOSEDAN GEL Sampling Survey 2012

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