Position Your Horse for Success This Year

Schedule a spring wellness exam to optimize horse health.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Zoetis

With spring just around the corner, now is the ideal time to make your American Quarter Horse’s health a priority. Start by calling your veterinarian to schedule a spring wellness exam today.

A spring wellness exam is a proactive way to help protect your horse’s health, comfort and performance. Prepare for the exam by answering these simple questions, and review the information with your veterinarian:

• Was your horse vaccinated last year?

• Are you planning to board, show, train or travel with your horse in the next six months?

• Has it been more than six to 12 months since your horse’s teeth have been examined?

• Have you noticed any weight changes in your horse in the last six months?

• Is your horse dropping any feed or having any issues with the bit?

• Have you noticed any changes in your horse’s gait recently?

• Is your horse less willing to work on one side than the other?

• Do you plan on making a change to your horse’s level of activity?

• Has it been more than six to 12 months since your horse’s last fecal egg count?

Caring for cuts, scrapes and bumps is an inevitable part of horse ownership. Learn the necessary components of a first-aid kit, when to contact the vet and how to bandage a wound in AQHA’s FREE Horse Wound Care report.

• Do you need a turnout transition plan for your horse as he or she moves outside to grass?

• Is your horse fractious when being clipped or shod?

“Bringing your horse’s wellness to the forefront will pay off this spring, whether it is as simple as developing a vaccination program or something more complex,” says Dr. Tom Lenz, equine technical services lead for AQHA Corporate Partner Zoetis. “In the area of prevention, immunization against infectious disease is a good starting point. This will help offer you peace of mind, knowing your horses are protected from preventable problems.”

Vaccinations are an easy way to stay ahead of disease. A properly designed vaccination regimen may be one of the most important things you can do to help your horse live a long, healthy life. Find a proven, dependable vaccine to protect against diseases such as West Nile virus, eastern and western encephalomyelitis, tetanus, equine herpes virus and equine influenza virus. Your veterinarian can help you design the appropriate regimen for your horse’s needs.

The FLUVAC INNOVATOR® vaccine line helps offer demonstrated protection against EIV, as well as EHV-1 and EHV-41-4. It is backed by the Zoetis commitment to continuously monitor and evaluate the efficacy and safety of its products.

“Vaccination against this highly contagious respiratory disease is one of the most important things horse owners can do,” Dr. Lenz says.

AQHA’s FREE Horse Wound Care report has everything that a horse owner needs to care for a horse’s bumps and scrapes. Utilize the five-step illustration for wound wrapping and learn what to stock in your first-aid kit.

The FLUVAC INNOVATOR line of vaccines aids in the protection against circulating equine influenza viruses and aids in the prevention of equine influenza due to Type A2 viruses; equine rhinopneumonitis due to EHV-1 and EHV-4; equine encephalomyelitis due to eastern, western and Venezuelan viruses; and tetanus. Since 2002, the vaccine strain in FLUVAC INNOVATOR has been demonstrated to be effective against six emergent strains of equine influenza1-4 including Richmond 07, an emerging EIV strain in Europe.5

Warmer temperatures bring insects back, including disease-carrying mosquitos. Help
make sure the health of your horse is protected with WEST NILE-INNOVATOR®.
In a recent study, WEST NILE-INNOVATOR was shown to provide an immune response that is four times stronger than a one-dose combination containing West Nile vaccines.6 It’s important to vaccinate your horse before mosquitoes are at their peak.

You can help your horse stay healthy and save at your spring exam with rebates from Zoetis. When your veterinarian vaccinates with WEST NILE-INNOVATOR and FLUVAC INNOVATOR products, you get $5 back. Download and print the rebate coupon and questionnaire here.

Call your veterinarian to schedule a spring exam for your horse today. To learn more about Zoetis products, visit Get social on Facebook® at

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