Shoo Fly

Proper fly control keeps your horse comfortable and healthy.

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Why Fight Flies?

Flies and other biting insects pose a major health risk to you and your horse. Flies carry a number of dangerous diseases that become more of a problem as fly population increases.

Flies live, feed and breed in filth, where germs, bacteria and communicable diseases thrive. Good hygiene is critical to keeping flies and other filthy problems under control.

On Your Horse

Your ultimate goal is to keep flies off your horse. Products include fly sprays, spot-ons, lotions, roll-ons, ointments and fly masks.

Protect Sensitive Areas

    • Fly masks are a very effective way to keep flies off your horse's face and out of his eyes.
    • Fly masks with ears protect your horse's ears from flies, mosquitoes and gnats, and are useful when you clip your horse's ears.

Clipping your horse's ears takes some skill. Download AQHA's FREE Horse Clipping Tips report to learn the best techniques. Give your horse a clipping job that looks like a million bucks and leave him looking like prince, not a pauper

    • Fly masks shield face wounds and eye infections from disease-carrying insects to support healing.
    • Apply a fly-repellent ointment, lotion or roll-on around wounds and sores to prevent fly-transmitted infections.

Out to Pasture

    • Pastured horses need longer-lasting fly protection when you don't spray them every day. Use a fly spray or spot-on with residual control to keep them comfortable for days.

About Ticks

    • Ticks are notorious for transmitting Lyme disease and other illnesses. Horses ridden through wooded areas or turned out to pasture are exposed to these nasty bloodsuckers. Read the label to make sure the fly spray or spot-on you use protects your horse against ticks.

Read the Label

    • Read all labels thoroughly before use and heed warnings; mix concentrates with the exact amount of water recommended.
    • Apply according to directions to the horse's head, face, neck, body, legs and tail.
    • Don't mix different kinds of fly repellents together.

Protecting your horse from flies and other irritable insects is an important pre-show-ring ritual. The last thing you need is for a great class to be ruined when your horse loses focus because of nasty bugs. Clipping your horse is also an important pre-show ritual because a well-clipped horse is the icing on the presentation cake. Download AQHA's Horse Clipping Tips FREE report for your show-ring prep.

Spray It On

    • All fly sprays are not created equal. Some are made with high-tech synthetic ingredients while others are more natural. Choose what works best for you and your horse.
    • For maximum effectiveness, dampen hairs to the skin (but not to the point of runoff).
    • Direct sunlight and heat break down chemicals that repel flies, so don't leave your fly spray outside.
    • For best results, keep your horse clean.

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