Stress-Free Basic Horse-Health Care

DORMOSEDAN GEL® makes mild sedation safer and easier.

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Some horses simply don’t like some procedures, and if they don’t like it, their sheer size and power can make it difficult and often unsafe for them and anyone around them. Mane pulling, sheath cleaning, body clipping, hoof trimming, and changing a bandage can all be troublesome at times.

DORMOSEDAN GEL® (detomidine hydrochloride) can make one or all of these standard horse care procedures easier and safer for you and your horse. Prescribed by a veterinarian, DORMOSEDAN GEL is a mild sedative in an oral dose-adjustable applicator similar to a deworming tube that is easy and safe enough for horse owners to administer themselves.

“First and foremost, this product is safe," says Dr. Susy Lange of Crum & Lange Veterinarians in Montgomery, Alabama. “It’s also easy, easy, easy to use, and it works.”

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In a recent survey, 93 percent of horse owners who sampled DORMOSEDAN GEL said they would use it again, and 89 percent agreed that it made horse- care procedures easier to complete.1 Safer, too. Horse owners said their horse was easier to handle, allowing them to accomplish what they needed without anyone getting hurt. One respondent even called DORMOSEDAN GEL a “lifesaver” to calm a mare for shoeing and other procedures.

“I prescribed it for a 5-year-old warmblood stallion that was only halter broke to safely administer his vaccinations,” Dr. Lange says. “He typically kicks, bites and tries to run me over, so I left the DORMOSEDAN GEL with the horse owner, and when we returned, he was ready for us. It was great.”

For other procedures such as bandage changing, hoof trimming, shoeing, sheath cleaning, first-time turnout*, body clipping, mane pulling and bridle- path trimming, DORMOSEDAN GEL can help improve safety for your horse and surrounding animals, as well as for handlers, veterinarians and farriers.

“My clients have no problem administering this oral sedative because they’re so used to giving their horse dewormers,” Dr. Lange says.

However, unlike a dewormer, DORMOSEDAN GEL is administered under the tongue for absorption. It’s a convenient option for needle-shy horses or for horse owners who are uncomfortable giving injections.

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DORMOSEDAN GEL takes about 40 minutes to take full effect, and it can provide standing sedation for 90 to 180 minutes, giving you plenty of time to complete what you need to do with the horse. Food and water should be removed during the four hours from initial administration to full recovery.

It delivers consistent results each time it’s used. This makes DORMOSEDAN GEL convenient for scheduled appointments with a veterinarian or a farrier so that the horse is calm and ready when they arrive.

Ask your veterinarian how DORMOSEDAN GEL can help make life easier and safer for you and your horse.

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Important Safety Information: Do not use DORMOSEDAN GEL in horses with pre-existing atrioventricular (AV) or sinoatrial (SA) block, with severe coronary insufficiency, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, or chronic renal failure. Do not use in anesthetized or sedated horses, or in conditions of shock, severe debilitation or stress due to extreme heat, cold, fatigue or high altitude. Handle gel-dosing syringes with caution to avoid direct exposure to skin, eyes or mouth. See full Prescribing Information at

*When used prior to first-time turnouts, horse should be supervised to prevent grazing until the sedative has worn off.

[1] Zoetis DORMOSEDAN GEL Sampling Survey 2013

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