Tetanus Can Threaten Horse Health in Any Environment

Zoetis combination vaccines can help protect your horse from this and other diseases.

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Your American Quarter Horses can be at risk for many diseases, such as West Nile, eastern and western equine encephalomyelitis, rabies, strangles and tetanus. Fortunately, annual combination vaccinations can help reduce your horses' risk of developing tetanus, as well as other core diseases.

All unvaccinated horses can be at risk of developing tetanus, an often deadly disease. It’s caused by a potent neurotoxin produced by the anaerobic, spore-forming bacteria, Clostridium tetani, typically found in the digestive tract of many animals and in the soil.1 It’s not contagious among horses or people, but disease occurs when Cl. tetani enter the horse’s body via puncture wounds, open lacerations, surgical incisions or exposed tissues.2

Because tetanus can be deadly in 50 to 75 percent of cases, it’s important that your horse is adequately vaccinated.1 Vaccines currently available are formalin-inactivated, adjuvanted toxoids – a potent antigen that induces a strong serological response.2 Tetanus toxoid vaccines administered per manufacturer recommendations are considered safe and effective.1

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Because of the variety of vaccines on the market, it is important to consult a veterinarian when developing your vaccination program. These vaccinations should include protection against core diseases identified by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, including eastern and western equine encephalomyelitis, West Nile, tetanus and rabies. Core vaccinations are considered those that all horses should receive to help protect against diseases that are endemic to a region and that have potential public health significance.2

Tetanus toxoid is offered in combination with other disease solutions in the INNOVATOR line of vaccines, including EQUILOID INNOVATOR®, WEST NILE-INNOVATOR® or FLUVAC INNOVATOR®. All of them help provide horses with protection against tetanus and offer additional protection against other core diseases classified by AAEP. EQUILOID INNVOATOR and FLUVAC INNOVATOR 4, 5 and 6 help protect against eastern and western equine encephalomyelitis. WEST NILE-INNOVATOR helps protect against eastern, western and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, as well as West Nile.

Tetanus and other core diseases can be preventable, so it’s important to provide your horses with an effective vaccine solution. Work with your veterinarian to help ensure that your American Quarter Horses stay safe this year, no matter where you live.

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