The Making of a Safe, Effective Vaccine

Pfizer Animal Health ensures safety and efficacy in all of its vaccines.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Pfizer

As an American Quarter Horse owner, you have many options when choosing vaccines. Your decisions can be less intimidating with the knowledge of how vaccines are produced and regulated – offering confidence in the safety and efficacy of your selections.

Manufacturers that produce equine vaccines must follow United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations for efficacy, safety, potency and purity. To comply with efficacy, each vaccine must be able to produce the desired effect in preventing a disease in animals when used under the conditions recommended by the manufacturer. For safety, the vaccine needs to be free from undue local or systemic reactions when used under the conditions recommended by the manufacturer. Potency means the vaccine needs to have the relative strength as determined by test methods. Purity means that the product does not contain extraneous microorganisms and extraneous material that might adversely affect potency, safety or efficacy.

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Vaccine manufacturers are responsible for ensuring safety and efficacy of their products. At Pfizer Animal Health, every vaccine is manufactured based on well-defined procedures and standards. Consistent quality is critical when producing effective vaccines. Pfizer Animal Health carefully develops and tests vaccines such as FLUVAC INNOVATOR® and WEST NILE-INNOVATOR® to ensure safe and effective products.

“Pfizer Animal Health’s resources, internal expertise and laboratories help ensure that quality, reliable products are put into the market,” says Corey Cook, senior principal scientist, Global Biologics Research, Pfizer Animal Health. “We always follow USDA standards for vaccines and produce equine vaccine products with high standards for efficacy, safety, potency and purity.”

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As a horse owner, you want the best protection for your horses. Vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer Animal Health follow strict procedures when making vaccines to ensure that you can choose safe, effective, quality products.

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