Wellness Exams

Routine wellness exams can prevent equine emergencies.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners and Fort Dodge Animal Health partnered to create America's Healthy Horse, a joint educational initiative designed to raise public awareness about the importance of seasonal wellness exams and professionally managed preventive care for every horse.

Certain kinds of colic, lameness, some foaling conditions and nearly all common equine diseases are examples of potential emergencies that could be prevented through twice a year wellness exams, routine vaccinations and year-round parasite control. Biannual wellness exams can reduce frightening and costly emergency calls - and help your horse live a longer, healthier life.

Early prevention is crucial to keeping your horse healthy, so check out these reasons why you should consider scheduling a wellness exam for your horse.

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Wellness Exams:

    • Give your equine practitioner the opportunity to detect, treat and prevent problems before they result in emergencies or a prolonged setback
    • Allow your veterinarian to tailor season-specific vaccinations and parasite control treatments at the time of year when they are most beneficial
    • Help your veterinarian better address the many medical issues of senior horses, which, like other animals, age faster than humans
    • Give you the opportunity to ask your veterinarian about nutrition, behavior, emerging disease threats in your area and other horse health issues

The America's Healthy Horse Web site offers further information on what to expect during a wellness exam, common equine vaccinations, when it's important to contact your veterinarian and other healthy horse topics.

Get a better understanding of the illnesses and diseases horses can face, and learn the treatment options. AQHA's "Your Horse's Health" DVD is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn more about horse health.