Is Your Horse Exposed?

Your horse is always at risk for diseases, learn more about how to protect them.

No matter what your horse does — pleasure or performance — or where he lives, exposure to core disease vectors such as mosquitoes, wildlife and soil bacteria cannot be prevented. Although you cannot control your horse’s exposure to core diseases, you can help protect him.

Annual spring vaccination is the foundation of equine wellness. And it is the only way to help protect horses from potentially deadly core diseases. By vaccinating every horse every spring, your horse receives the best protection before threatening core disease vectors become most active. CORE EQ INNOVATOR™  is the first and only vaccine to contain all core equine disease antigens — in one injection — to protect against West Nile virus, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus and rabies.

If your horse is considered “at risk,” he also may benefit from risk-based vaccinations against diseases such as equine influenza virus, equine herpesvirus and leptospirosis. For superior protection against equine influenza, look to trusted Zoetis vaccine FLUVAC INNOVATOR®. See the risk factors below to determine if your horse is considered at increased risk for disease:

  • Younger than 6 years old

  • Older than 15 years old

  • Stabled in boarding barns

  • Traveling off property or housed with horses that do

To help ensure your horse’s health, start by working with your veterinarian to evaluate your horse’s specific needs. Discuss with your veterinarian your horse’s age and lifestyle, and his vaccine and nutritional needs to develop the best possible preventive health care plan.

 Available only through your veterinarian, CORE EQ INNOVATOR can provide your horse with the core protection he deserves. Learn more at

 1American Association of Equine Practitioners Core Vaccination Guidelines.

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