Three Advantages of Veterinarian-Administered Equine Vaccinations

Getting your horses vaccinated correctly is crucial to their overall health. Photo from Zoetis

Save do-it-yourself projects for crafting and home remodeling. When it comes to administering your horse’s vaccinations to protect against grave equine diseases, there simply is no room for error.

Yet recent reports from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) revealed many horse owners and trainers were willing to accept some risk with their horse’s vaccinations, with 50% administering their horse’s vaccinations themselves. The leading reason for self-administration of the vaccines was cost.


It’s critical that horse owners understand the cost of inaccurately administering vaccinations could be their equine partner’s health and welfare. Improper administration of vaccinations can leave horses exposed to deadly disease, including core equine diseases such as rabies, which is always fatal. This is a risk no horse owner should take.

3 Benefits for Your Horse When a Veterinarian Administers Vaccines:

1.    Proper Vaccine Handling

Vaccines require special handling and storage needs. Your veterinarian will be familiar with proper storage, handling and expiration dates to best preserve a vaccine’s effectiveness.

2.    Safe, Accurate Administration

Safe administration of vaccines requires a clean environment and injection site. This is crucial because, without both, you could introduce harmful pathogens rather than protect against them.

3.    Tailored Vaccination Program

Every horse is unique. Your veterinarian can work with you to customize a vaccine program based on your horse’s geography, age, reproductive status and level of exposure from comingling and travel. Help your horse achieve the highest level of equine wellness by working closely with your veterinarian to meet your horse’s individual needs.   

Ensure your horse is protected through annual vaccination against the five core equine diseases — rabies, West Nile, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, and tetanus — and ask your veterinarian about Core EQ Innovator™. The vaccine helps protect against each core equine disease and has been field tested in more than 1,000 horses, with 99.7% of horses being reaction-free.1,2

 At Zoetis, we confidently stand behind our Innovator® vaccines with the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee, which is the most comprehensive guarantee available to horse owners. To be eligible for the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee, a horse must be vaccinated by a veterinarian. Find peace of mind knowing your horse’s vaccinations were administered correctly by your veterinarian. Visit to learn more.  

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