Freezer-Friendly Meals for Equestrians

Make these eight freezer meals now and have them on hand for spring riding.

Free up more time for riding in the spring by stocking your freezer now. Journal photo.

Spring can be a busy time of year for horse people. When you’re back in a consistent schedule of riding, the last thing you will want to do is come home and whip up a meal. So try making some meals to freeze now and enjoy later! Almost anything can be preserved in a freezer, and you’d be surprised what you can make.

Try these eight easy (and delicious) recipes to get a leg up on spring cooking.

  1. Ravioli lasagna: Easy as 1, 2, 3 … ravioli lasagna will always be there for you. Simply thaw out in the spring months ahead and enjoy!

  1. Tuscan pasta: Judging from the picture alone, this recipe is going to be good! Add some red chilis for a spicy touch, or leave it alone and enjoy it with the family.

  1. Chicken pot pie: A classic, chicken pot pie has all sorts of veggies and good stuff to make your tummy happy.

  1. Black bean taco soup: Soup is easy and holds up fantastically in the freezer. When you’re ready to enjoy in the spring, just warm it up and open a new bag of chips!

  1. Stuffed bell peppers: One of my personal favorites, stuffed bell peppers are healthy and delicious. Try adding some pasta sauce to your recipe to give it an extra flavor.

  1. Green chili and chicken lasagna: Anything that looks like lasagna and tastes like an enchilada can’t be bad. This green chili recipe holds up in the freezer and will still have a spicy kick when you thaw it out in the spring.

  1. Turkey chili: Save some of your leftover Thanksgiving bird and make some turkey chili! It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Or one bird with two meals?

  1. Egg and sausage burritos: Yes, even breakfast can be frozen! Try out these tasty burritos when you need an extra jump start in the morning.

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