Trends From the Top

There’s nothing more stylish than being an AQHA world champion, but their outfits come pretty close.

The stakes were high at the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show, and there was no shortage of style and grace. Journal photo.

At the 2016 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show, we saw 99 world champions receive their gold trophy.

However, all that glitters is not always gold. What really shined was the exhibitor style

Follow the style tips of these eight AQHA world champions to ensure that no matter where you end up, you’ll be the champion of fashion at your next show.

1. Angela Fox, amateur showmanship world champion

In her lucky blue jacket, Angela Fox shined during her amateur showmanship run. Angela says the inspiration for her jacket came from the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate Middleton. Her black hat, pants and boots offset the shimmer of her jacket, while adding an elegant touch. Vertical striping is also a very stylish pattern and can provide some slimming attributes.

2. Lonn Smallwood, amateur weanling geldings world champion

Lonn looks Instagram-ready with his halter suit. (Fittingly, his bay sidekick is named Instagram.) Lonn’s jacket is tailored to fit in all the right places, and allows for easy arm-movement during halter classes. His charcoal hat offsets his dark suit and boots. All together, this is a prize-worthy outfit.

3. Debbie Cooper, senior ranch riding world champion

Debbie shines with Whizzle For My Spook in the senior ranch riding finals. Her outfit is simple, but still includes some stylish elements. Her chinks are clean with the right amount of concho sparkle and perfectly match her muted saddle blanket. Overall, a very solid look.

4. Hillary Roberts, amateur western pleasure world champion

Hillary does a great job of perfectly matching her western pleasure top to her saddle blanket. The colors, the pattern, the whole thing … it’s a perfect match! She also made a great color choice for her bay horse, For One Night Only. The bright colors really pop against his coat, but don’t distract from the horse and rider.

5. Casey Deary, senior reining world champion

Casey and In Like Flinn are repeat world champions, and they look the part, too. Casey sports a dark pair of chaps with a light blue shirt. He picks a stunning saddle blanket that really complements “Flinn” and allows them to shine as a team. Somebody would really have to give them a run for their money in order to outshine this matching duo.

6. Lainie DeBoer, junior working hunter world champion

This AQHA Professional Horsewoman knows a thing or two about style. In junior working hunter, she opted for a black jacket, tan breeches and black boots. Her helmet and boots are clean and polished, and her jacket is fitted. She jumps above the rest in style points.

7. Andy Cochrane, 2-year-old western pleasure world champion

Andy Cochrane and Made In The Shade really work their magic here. His ever-so-slightly pinstriped blue shirt pops against his bay horse, while the saddle blanket really pops on his back. The color combination is perfect, with the right amount of subtlety where needed.

8. Ed Dufurrena, junior cutting world champion

Ed and Stevie Rey Von played their way to the top of the junior cutting. His saddle blanket is an appropriate print-and-color palette for the red roan stallion. Ed’s navy shirt offsets the brighter colors, and provides a nice contrast to his horse. They’re a cut above in style.

Our 2016 world champions were dressed the part, and now you can be too! Use these style tips to achieve the perfect show-pen-ready look in 2017.

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