11 Equestrian Chic Must-Haves for the Fall

Long sleeves, sweaters and scarves galore! Fall is upon us, and these items are a must-have for cooler weather.

You can still rock chambray all day. (Emily Jo Starkey Peak photo for Journal)

As the colors change, so does your riding attire.

If you’ve been looking for the right outfit to keep you dolled up and cozy, look no further! We’ve got you covered.

1. Chambray + graphic tee = #winning. Chambray, a lightweight fabric similar to denim, is all the rage these days. Pair it with a sassy tee that says "sleep, eat, ride, repeat" or "namaste in the barn" and you're sure to inspire outfit envy. (We rounded up our favorite witty tees.)

2. Another winning combo: buffalo plaid and quilted jackets. Buffalo plaid has been super trendy for a few years now, but there's no reason why you can't embrace the look. What we love about this look is how easily it transitions from the barn to mainstream.

3. Wild rags. Our love for wild rags is real. Not only do they keep wind from blowing down your neck, they also have a knack for making stunning fashion statements. Double win.

Credit: @ashleyswildrags

4. Cowl necks. They're both cozy and fashionable! (Starting to notice a theme here?) And this particular hue, grenadine, is going to be hot this fall.

5. Statement boots. Even if you're not a flashy dresser, trust us – these boots are versatile. They can be both the perfect accent on a chic outfit, or you can use them to easily dress up a look.

6. Long sleeves, long trains. As cooler weather sets in, opt for a fuller coverage dress or romper so you can combat the cold while still looking fierce and feminine. Go for warm fall color tones like olive, burgundy or mustard yellow. 

7. Swoon for suede. Whether it’s jackets, skirts or vests, this touch of western-flair fabric will be everywhere this fall. Try embracing new and unique colors to make it the statement piece of your ensemble.

8. Go crazy for cacti. Succulents are having a moment. Prickly pear, saguaro – you can find them on anything from salt-and-pepper shakers to bedding and rugs. But why stop with home decor? A cactus-print shirt is too cute to pass up.

9. Tribal-print cardigans. For all you lovers of tribal print, good news – it's still in! Our favorite way to wear it? As a striking cardigan.

10. Sweet, sweet silver. If there's one thing that could make a tribal sweater better, it's these beauties.

11. Go bold with boot rugs. These unique accessories outfit your favorite boots. Designed with handwoven fabrics, boot rugs definitely make a statement.

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