Creative Uses for Old Cowboy Boots

Wondering what to do with old cowboy boots? Repurpose them with these cowboy boot craft ideas.

Our work boots become a part of us and can be tough to part with, but now you don’t have to. Journal photo

Sometimes our beloved cowboy boots get to a point beyond saving. During the past five plus years of wear and tear, these boots have become your safety blanket but are no longer properly protecting you from the elements. It’s time to let go. At least let go of wearing them.

You don’t have to toss out your favorite boots just because of a few holes in the sole! There are several ways to repurpose your trusty footwear.

Nobody buys ugly boots, so don’t just toss out your beauties because they’re old. Put them on full display as a centerpiece and jazz them up with some feathers, flowers and paint.

A pair of boots sure does make a cute planter! If your boots don’t have any holes worn through the sole, add some for drainage. Try sticking with plants that don’t take a lot of water.

Holiday Decor
Wreaths are so last-year-city-slicker. Show your holiday cheer by decorating your old boots with festive holiday materials and hang them on your door!

Add some fun to your trees and create a new home for the birds. Simply cut a hole in the side, add a roof and decorate as you please!

As cowgirls, we may not wear a lot of jewelry. But when we do, we make a statement. Turn your favorite old pair into a leather bracelet or a cute pair of earrings that your friends will envy.

Wall Cross
You chose your boots because of their beautiful tops, so put them on display!

Much like the cross idea, add some boot tops to add some color and really personalize your wall mirrors.

Leather handbags can cost a fortune, but with a few snips and stitching, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind bag that truly captures your essence.

With a simple lamp kit, you can turn your trusty old boots into your trusty new lamp!

Last but not least, you can turn your old boots into a sleeve that holds anything from wine bottles to vases.

Never say goodbye to your favorite pair of boots again. Just upcycle them and create something new. Happy crafting!