Amazing Horseshoe Projects: Holiday Edition

Deck the halls with these DIY home decor and welding projects with horseshoes.

My father, Terry Christiansen, customized these horseshoe Christmas stocking hangers into one solid piece that perfectly fits their mantle. (Credit: Tara Matsler)

Around my household, it doesn't start to feel like Christmas until we've cut down a tree, hauled it into the house, adorned it and decked the halls. The most common theme in our yuletide home decor, though, is horseshoes. You see, my father has an affinity for sprucing up rusty ol' horseshoes and welding them into horseshoe projects.  

Naturally, I spend a fair amount of time perusing Pinterest, gathering up fresh horseshoe craft ideas to add to our home decor. Here are a few of my favorites. Season's greetings and enjoy!

1. Horseshoe Wreath



2. Tabletop Horseshoe Christmas Tree



3. Full-Sized Horseshoe Christmas Tree



4.Horseshoe Snowman




5. Horseshoe Angel


6. Horseshoe Merry Christmas Sign


7. Horseshoe Stocking Hanger


8. Festive Horseshoe Wall Hanging