Barn Wedding Ideas

A barn is the perfect place to host a horse-lover’s nuptials.

Turn up the romance by including your beloved horses in the wedding photos. Photo: Maria Danielsson

Horse-lovers grow up dreaming of this day: The day that they will marry their soulmate, i.e.  someone who supports their passion for horses. And what better place to celebrate your nuptials than in a beautiful barn among all of your family and friends?

Months of preparation have gone into this moment, including sending out invitations, fixing the seating chart, the food, etc. However, perhaps the most fun part of planning a wedding is picking out the decorations.

Sometimes, it can take a lot of little touches to turn a rustic, old barn into a thing of beauty. Here are some ideas to help get you started: 

  1. Draping: Fitting some decor to the doors adds a romantic touch to a rustic location.



  1. Lighting: By adding that extra sparkle, you automatically have some beautiful light for your photographer to work with.



  1. Signage: This wooden cake base and seating sign are perfect elements to add to a rustic barn wedding.



  1. Chandeliers: Not in the traditional sense, these hanging mason jars add an aerial element to a barn wedding. For the brides who love flowers, you might opt for a hanging table centerpiece.



  1. Photo backdrop: Always a necessity at a wedding, give your guests an area to take cute pictures! Don’t worry, they can use your unique wedding hashtag when they share their photos on social media.



  1. Head table: Whether it’s just for the two of you or the whole wedding party, having an amazing head table is a must. Try some fun, over-sized letters or a hanging sign to add that special touch.



  1. Boots: You can’t have a barn wedding without boots! Whether they’re on your feet or on a table, the western spirit will be alive and well on your wedding day.



With theses seven ideas your wedding is sure to be a barn burner!