Horse-Inspired Vacations You Need to Take in 2017

If you love horses and adventure, these vacations are the perfect getaway.

A visit to the beach should be on your horse vacation bucket list for 2017. (Photo courtesy of @ridingonroan on Instagram)

Near or far, there are plenty of horsey destinations located all around the world! It might be a bit harder to get to some of them, but the views and memories will be worthwhile. This list is the ultimate bucket list of horse vacations for 2017!

  1. Hawaiian islands. If you like warmer weather and a good sandy beach, you’re in the right place. The Hawaiian islands have many different kinds of horseback excursions. In an excursion up to a Maui guest ranch, you can enjoy the coastal views and top it off with a helicopter flight over the forest the movie “Jurassic Park” was filmed in!
  2. Ireland. Not short on outdoor scenery, Ireland is a dream destination for any horse lover. Take a ride through Dunfanaghy, a beautiful coastal village in remote Ireland. The empty beaches make for a great galloping stretch. Then, afterwards, grab a drink at an authentic Irish pub.
  3. Colorado. No matter the time of year, Colorado is a beautiful destination for horse lovers. Aspen and Vail are popular destinations, and you can enjoy your time in winter wonderland from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. What better way to travel than to take a ride through the snow?
  4. The Bahamas. The white sand beaches and crystal-clear water are a draw for equestrians, especially when you get to swim with horses! There are a variety of businesses that allow you to swim bareback on their horses, who love the water just as much as you do.  It’s a horse lover’s paradise.
  5. Europe. Take a jaunt across the pond to ride in France, Greece or Italy! All three are beautiful destinations with their own unique cultures. Take a ride through the Italian vineyards and enjoy a good Italian wine, or take a tour up to the castles and caves of Malbec, France. With an abundance of activities and delicious food, you’ll never want to come home.
  6. Arizona. With miles of trails and scenic views, you’ll be nothing short of speechless. There are even guided tours that take you down into the depths of the Grand Canyon and allow you to camp out under the stars. What a dream!
  7. Canada. Take a jaunt through Quebec and explore the rural country and rich history that Canada has to offer. If you travel through Equitours, you even have the opportunity to work some cattle!
  8. Virginia. Have you ever wanted to go fox-hunting but lacked the wherewithal to do it? Welcome to Virginia! Take an adrenaline-filled ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains with fellow horse-lovers and a pack of good dogs. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Happy traveling!