Totally Clever Ideas for Repurposing Horse-Show Ribbons

Try these six options for giving new life to your retired horse-showing ribbons.

Repurpose your horse-show ribbons so they can live on for years to come. Journal photo.

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of horse-show ribbons you have? Are you looking for some way to use them but have no clue where to start? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Horse-show ribbons can be repurposed and given a new life with a dash of creativity and some crafting skills.

  1. Glass display. If you have a glass container that is currently unoccupied, your horse-show ribbons are moving in! A glass lantern or an empty shadow box work just fine for displaying your proud accomplishments.


  1. Decorative wreath. No matter what time of year it is, horse-show ribbons are always in style. Create a decorative wreath with your prizes to hang in your tack room and enjoy year-round.


  1. Gift wrap. If you’re one of those people who totally goes wild for Christmas wrap, this one is for you! By repurposing your horse-show ribbonsas a piece of decor on your Christmas presents, you allow others to enjoy them just as much as you do.


  1. Pillows. For decoration only, your horse-show ribbons make excellent pillow covers! Simply sew them together and voila, you’ve got a classic pillow for your barn-inspired decor.


  1. Throw blanket. To go with your snazzy pillows, create a horse-show ribbon throw to showcase your achievements.


  1. Wedding decor. Nothing says “you’re winning at love” like horse-show ribbons as table numbers. Replace the medallion with a custom number, and you’ve got the perfect equestrian chic wedding accents.