15 Brilliant Ideas for Repurposing a Galvanized Water Tank

From a lovely decor piece to something with a practical use, galvanized water tanks can be transformed into something you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

If your tank becomes damaged, wrapping it with a tire aids both in insulation and protection for your horses. Photo by The South Dakota Cowgirl.

Don’t toss out your old water tanks! There are multiple useful ways they can be reused that you are sure to love. Galvanized tanks come in several different sizes and shapes, but they can all be turned into something new and amazing. You may even want to purchase a new tank just to try out these clever uses.

Large Round Tank

Chicken Coop: With a little wood and chicken wire, your galvanized tank can easily be transformed into a great looking chicken coop. Adding a top to your coop will protect your chickens and their eggs from the elements. An old satellite dish works great as a roof! Your chickens will love their new home and sleep well knowing they are safe from snakes and other predators.


Pool: Escape the heat this summer with your very own backyard pool. Galvanized tanks make excellent pools, either above or below ground. Just choose a level spot in your yard, set your tank down, and fill it with water. The walls of the tank will aid in deterring frogs, snakes and other creepy crawlies you don’t want to share your oasis with. To enhance that oasis feeling, setting your tank into the ground and adding some stones and greenery will make all your friends and neighbors envious of your DIY’ed inground pool.


Outdoor Shower: If you live near the beach or simply with kids that love muck and mud more than your average pig, an outdoor shower can save your house from a messy disaster. Not only does a stock tank make a good looking shower base, it is practical and an easy set up.


Large Oval

Koi Pond: There is nothing more serene than a pond filled with beautiful fish. Turning your old tanks into koi ponds is both aesthetically appealing and good for your health. It has been proven that relaxing by a koi pond and watching the fish aids in normalizing your blood pressure and helping to melt all your stress away.


Bathtub: Add a fiberglass lining to a galvanized tank, and you’ve got yourself a unique, rustic bathtub. Tubs of that size can cost up to $1,000, but using a tank can give you a country-chic tub for under $100.


Coffee Table: Flip a tank over for a cute table that can be used as outdoor furniture or even a coffee table in your home. Add some hinges and a piece of wood on the top to create a table with storage for some additional function. Customize it with some chalkboard paint or any color spray paint you please.


Drink Cooler: Stock tanks make great drink coolers for any country party or wedding. Fill it up with some ice and drinks and invite your friends over for a good time!


Chicken Brooder Box: Add some bedding and a heat lamp, and your chicks will have a safe place to grow up.


Planters: Raised planters allow individuals with bad backs or joint pain to garden without having to get on their hands and knees. Much like a straw bale garden, galvanized tanks can be converted into raised planters that can be moved and utilized anywhere, without depending on soil quality.


Water Storage: Galvanized tanks make for excellent rain collection tanks. Add a water-tight lid and a spigot at the bottom to create a tank that can store large amounts of rain that can be easily tapped for use in the garden and barn.


Small Round Tub

Pet Bed: Give your best friend a new bed to curl up in. Add some fluffy pillows and a cute nameplate, and your puppy dog or kitty cat will have a nice place to take a quick siesta between cuddles.


Linen Tub: If you have a small bathroom, you know the struggle of storing your linens without leaving behind a cluttered mess. Place a tub on the floor, a shelf, or even hang it from the wall as a cute way to keep your linens organized.


Plant Pots: There are so many ways galvanized tubs can be used for gardening. Hang them from the porch for smaller plants or attach wheels to easily move larger ferns and plants.


Sink: Nothing says shabby-chic more than a galvanized tub sink! Using a tub as a sink or wash basin is both cheap and stylish. It’s a complete win-win.


Fire Pit: Add some ambiance to your backyard with a fire pit. After a lovely summer trail ride, kick off your boots and make some hotdogs and s’mores under the stars.


There are so many different uses for galvanized stock tanks of all sizes. Put your tanks to good use and enjoy your new decor.