10 Wild Rags We're in Love With

These silk scarves are a smart way to celebrate your personal western style.

This year, let’s leave the scarf behind and take a wild rag for a whirl. Journal photo

Cold weather is on the horizon, which means we’re about to bust out those winter clothes. This year, let’s leave the scarf behind and take a wild rag for a whirl.

There’s a reason why cowboys cling to their wild rags. These western scarves provide warmth in cold temperatures and protection from other harsh elements.

There are a multitude of reasons to love wild rags, but there are infinitely more wild rags to adore! We rounded up a few of our favorites.

For him or her. This one can go for both him or her thanks to the classic black-and-white paisley print.


Go tribal. One of the many things to love about wild rags is how they allow you to channel your personal style.  



Feminine florals. For the cowgirl wanting to glam up her look, a wild rag is an easy way to do it.




Retro polka dots. Polka-dot wild rags not only pack pizzazz, but they’re classic to boot. 



Gorgeous geometrics. Geometric patterns are oh-so versatile. We love ‘em.


Take a walk on the wild side. Animal print is fierce. If you pull off zebra or cheetah print, rock it, cowgirl.


When you’re ordering wild rags, keep in mind the various weights and styles they come in – it makes ordering more than one for all seasons way too convenient. What a great excuse to buy more, right?

Bundle up! We hope you begin to love your new wild rag as much as we love ours.