Horse-Inspired Pumpkin Carvings

Show your love for horses this Halloween with these pumpkin carving ideas.

Make the American Quarter Horse a part of your Halloween traditions this year.

The leaves are changing, the air is crisper and fall is here. Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re a horse-crazy equestrian, you probably love including your passion for horses in holiday celebrations.

Here are horse-inspired pumpkin carving ideas to get your creative juices flowing before you create your own masterpiece this October:

1. Get trick-or-treaters oohing and awing with this intricate Celtic horse pumpkin carving.

2. Bring childhood wonder to life with a carousal pumpkin carving.

3. Why carve one horse when you can carve three? Here’s a beautiful pumpkin design with multiple horses carved on. 

4. If you’d rather have something you can enjoy for years to come, here’s a horseshoe pumpkin idea

5. Want to go for a spookier look? Check out this horse skeleton pumpkin carving.

6. Skip the mess of carving, and paint your pumpkin instead! This painted dressage horse pumpkin is too cute.

7. Is the whole family using horse-themed ideas for their pumpkins this year? Check out horse-crazy Halloween inspiration from Horse Nation for several artsy carving ideas.

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