What to Do With Those Old Horseshoes

Ten inspiring home decor ideas for those horseshoes you have just laying around.

Don't toss the old horseshoes decorate the house with them. (Credit: AQHA)

Instead of tossing those old horse shoes away take a look at these ten great home decor tips. Some could be a fun project while others would be a great purchase. 

Key Rack

The first idea is the simplest one I’ll show you. It is simply a horseshoe nailed to a painted board that functions as a key holder. The reason this is simple is because the shoe already has nail holes, so all you need to do is find a hammer and the right size nails! Unlike a few other ideas, you won’t need to crack out the blow torch, gloves or welding mask. 



This one is rated “medium” on our difficulty scale. Tools required are a hot glue gun, string, colorful jewels or stones and a few lace ribbons. I can’t tie a bow to save my life, and I usually burn myself with a hot glue gun – I might bite the bullet and just buy this if need be.


Coffee Cup Holder

I like this piece because it can double as more than one thing. Its main purpose is a coffee mug holder, but I bet anything with a handle would look good on it.


Boot/Shoe Rack

One that I have in my home and use on a daily basis is this boot rack. I did buy it from a local welder, but I provided the old horseshoes. This a great piece that offers many options. You can dress it up by painting the horseshoes different colors or weld two racks on top of each other for maximum storage.


Buckle Holder

This one is great because it gives you a chance to hang those buckles up and also get that old barnwood and pile of old horseshoes out of the way. I love this idea of re-purposing horseshoes and displaying the buckles. If the barn wood doesn’t appeal to you, I bet you could even use a newer frame.


Picture Frame

A picture frame out of horseshoes is a great addition to any home decor. Frame you and your special someone (i.e. your horse) or you and your spouse. Simple, easy and only requires two horseshoes.


Frame the Horseshoes

Another way to go is framing the horseshoes themselves. This piece is great to look at, and just imagine how special it’d be if it was made from shoes off the most influential horse in your life.


Hat Rack

Cowboy hats are precious property.  A solid storage solution is this nifty hat rack. It’s a simple board featuring three to four horseshoes mounted with a rod and a horseshoe holder. This beauty will match  the custom boot rack perfectly.


Painted Horseshoe Flowers

Do you lack a green thumb, but want a colorful garden? This is the solution for you. They do not require any water or attention, just a patch of dirt to be staked into the ground.


Wine Bottle Rack

With all that hard work from gardening that last pin, you’re probably going to want to relax with a glass of wine. Well, good thing you can stock up on a few bottles with this wine rack.