10 Gorgeous Horse Quilts

These horse-inspired quilts are every horse lover’s dream.

Quilting is a long, arduous process but it creates beautiful results. (Quilt by Linda James and pattern by Toni Whitney.)

Quilts are more than just blankets to keep you warm; a lot of hard work and time goes into making each quilt unique and special. Most are used for home decor, but some are treasured possessions that have been passed down for generations.

As if you didn’t already have enough horse-themed decor, here are some beautiful horse quilts that have us swooning.


This quilt is a must-have if you love palominos. Made by Linda James, pattern by Toni Whitney.


With bright colors and different patterns, wouldn’t this quilt be perfect for a child’s room?


A more toned-down quilt pattern like this would be perfect decoration to add depth and personality to a quaint room.


If you have a little girl – and she is anything like I was when I was little – this quilt would be her dream come true.


 For a more western theme, this quilt will be right up your alley with the brown tones and bronc rider in the middle.


This quilt would fit anywhere in your home; the neutral tones and plain design will be easy to put into any room.


A neat twist on using scraps from different fabrics, this quilt is not only fun to make but is interesting to look at as well.


I know we all love horses on quilts, but I think we can all agree we love hats and boots just as much. This quilt combines all of these in such a cute way.


There is nothing stronger than a mother’s bond with her child (or foal in this case) and what better way to commemorate that than a beautiful quilt like this one?


Is there anything cuter than foals? I don’t think so either.

It matters not what the quilt’s purpose is: baby shower gift, wedding gift or a hand-me-down. They all have a special meaning to the person who makes them and the person receiving them. Next time you need an idea for a gift, check back here and let your imagination create something wonderful!