10 Creative Uses for Horseshoes in the Garden

Bring your garden to life with the extra horseshoes you have laying around.

Horseshoes are a common accessory among most horse-owners households. Learn how to put them to use. Photo from Tara Matsler

The official first day summer is right around the corner, and all the green thumbs out there already have their gardens well under way for the year. With the extra horseshoes you have laying around, these fun crafts will help spruce up your garden or double as fun, useful tools.

1. Hose holder. If you have a garden, you know what a boon watering is. While watering can often feel like a chore, with this neat hose holder you can be practical by keeping your hose nice and organized while still keeping a stylish edge. 


2. Gate. Although this is an eye-catching gate, it has a use. If you have a garden, there is a good chance you have a fence up to try to keep pesky critters out. With this nice gate, it will add some style to a plain fence. 


3. Boot rack. With all of the water you will be putting on your garden, it might get a little muddy. If you want to prevent the inside of your house from being a muddy disaster, this boot rack will house your dirty boots and keep your home squeaky clean. 


4. Planter. Whether you have a flower garden or you are growing food, planters are always handy. However, they may not always be the cutest. Add a little western flare to your planter by sticking your horse’s old shoes on it, easy as that. 


5. Wind Chimes. Wind chimes aren’t for everyone, but if they’re your cup of tea, consider something like this beauty.


6. Chair. A garden can be such a relaxing place to go sit and think, so a nice cute chair will be the perfect addition to make it your own little sanctuary. Or if you get tired from all that planting, watering and weeding, here’s a relaxing place to sit, too. 


7. Pot Stand. If you want to bring the garden to the porch or inside your house, this is the perfect way to add some dimension to your pot arrangement. Keeping some on the ground and setting some pots up on a stand will stagger them and make it more interesting. 


8. Horseshoe flowers. For those who don’t have a green thumb (I hate to admit it, but that’d be me), this is perfect. These are colorful and pretty just like real flowers, and you can’t kill them if you forget to water. How perfect is that? 


9. Archway. If you want to go over the top and add something extra to your garden, an arched entrance is the way to go. People will start to think your home is a wedding venue if you aren’t careful, though. 


10. Hanging Basket. Like the pot stand I mentioned earlier, this will add some dimension to the arrangement you have your plants in. Speaking from experience, hanging baskets might be a little difficult if you’re vertically challenged.