Favorite Looks From the Zoetis VRH World

No bling, no sparkle; these exhibitors were dashing in their ranchy best at the Zoetis AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Championships.

Simplicity was the name of the game at Zoetis VRH World. Journal photo

Imagine this: Button-down shirts, wild rags and chaps as far as the eye can see. Bling in the show ring has its time to shine (pun intended) at particular shows, but the Zoetis AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Championships was not the place. Instead, exhibitors turned out in their ranchy best. 

1. Color coordination is super satisfying, am I right? The rust windowpane pattern on the shirt along with the rust chinks make a nice combination for the show ring.

2. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a pop with a bright colored pattern? Summer-time shows are the perfect time to bust out the bright shirts, especially with a sorrel horse.

3. There’s nothing more classic than a solid button-down shirt and well-worn chaps. Broke-in chaps not only are a testament to how these exhibitors work on ranches in real life, but they also accentuate this beautiful gray horse.

4. Simplicity is the way to go for ranch horse shows, so a bright red shirt paired with tan chaps is a clean-cut and classic show-ring ensemble. The bright shirt also pops beautifully with this solid sorrel horse and red-accented saddle pad.

5. Matching your horse sometimes doesn’t work, but this gray shirt with dark chaps brings it all together with this dappled gray. Plus, wild rags are such an easy way to spice up an outfit and add some small pops of color. (OK, OK, I admit that we have a bit of a wild rag obsession around here; we even rounded up 10 wild rags we’re in love with.)

6. It’s all in the details with this show outfit. Long fringe on the chinks, pattern on the shirt, and bright wild rag that ties in with the shirt - they all work together for an eye-catching outfit. P.S. Have you gotten the hint that sorrel horses are easy to dress up? 

7. A patterned hat is a new way to add something to your show outfit. Solid shirt, solid chaps and a patterned hat is a unique show outfit. Also, matching your shirt to your saddle pad is oddly satisfying to look at.

8. Darker horses (not just sorrels, I suppose) can be easier to pair outfits with, so a plain red shirt with a light-colored wild rag that matches with the saddle pad is a perfect match for this darker horse. Also, the detail on these chinks adds an extra layer of intrigue.

9. Men can wear patterned shirts, too, and in fact they look quite nice. This dark blue plaid shirt paired with the dark chaps looks clean and not overdone for ranch classes.

10. The light color theme in this photo works really well, especially for the summer Zoetis VRH World in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Light horse, light shirt and light chaps all tie together for a natural look.