12 Memes That Perfectly Describe Horse Ownership

If you’re a horse owner, these will definitely speak to you.

Caught sleeping on the job? You just might be a horse owner. Journal photo.

Horse ownership has its ups and downs, complete with an entire spectrum of emotion. What better way to make the best of things than to laugh it off?

Whether you’ve been a horse owner for five days or five years, these memes will resonate with you.

1. When your horse insults you after a loving sauna


2. And it’s even more painful if you have a light-colored horse …


3. How about when they realize they’re running through a giant salad bowl


4. Finding your dream horse and not being able to let go


5. The evil eye


6. Sometimes they just give you a little attitude


7. When your horse thinks the weekend should be another day long

8. If this isn’t the truth …

9. When taking a leisurely ride turns into a face full of dirt


10. The struggle is real when you have high-dollar tack dreams but you’re on a low-dollar budget


11. When you just need five minutes


12. And the epitome of horse ownership