10 Barndominiums That Make Us Swoon

If you’re looking to build your own home or just daydreaming about the future, these barndominiums are for you.

Hate leaving the barn every night? Barndominiums are barn-inspired dwellings. (Credit: Journal)

Barndominiums have become much more popular over the last few years because of their versatility and simplicity.

What exactly is a barndominium? Usually a barndominium is a mashup between a barn and a condominium. Many use the term "barndominium" to define a type of steel building.

If you love barndominiums like us, or you are new to this trend, take a look at these beautiful examples we have collected.


This barndominium has everything the rustic-style lover could want their home to look like. The stone and wood combine to almost make it feel like a cabin, and who doesn't love cabins?


Barn-door accessories have become so popular. Don't you see why? 


This particular barndominium has more of a barn-like feel with the metal exterior, but we still love it just as much.


For a more modern spin, this barndominium has a unique look with the balcony and large barn door on the side. 


For the outdoor lover, this barndominium has an outdoor area for entertaining. What else could you ask for?


How cute is this little home? For a smaller family, this is the perfect combination of rustic and practical. 


Love the rustic barn look but not totally committed? This is the perfect example of a good mix of a traditional yet rustic home. 


If you dream of having a large porch to sit, drink coffee and watch the sunrise, look no further. 


This cute little barndominium has huge windows and large porch, perfect for looking out at the landscape.


Again, this bardominium perfectly combines a traditional looking home with a rustic, cabin-like feel.