Must-Have Companion Animals for Your Horse

Horses are a social animal, so it’s natural that they will find some interesting friends.

No matter what species of animal you have, your horse will find a friend in all of them. Photo from Niki Baker

Wherever your horse calls home, there’s more than likely some other kinds of animals around. Birds, goats, cows, you name it. Luckily, some of our followers have captured these wonderful moments in a photo. So if you’re having a bad day, or if you just want to have a smile, take a look at some of these photos of horses with their interesting friends.

Birds. Have you ever heard the saying “two birds of a feather”? Horses and birds can be just that, as you can see.

Photo from @a.aldinger

Photo from @jetsetters_home

Cats. Cats can be an interesting animals, but apparently horses don’t have any problems getting along with these feline friends.

Photo from @elizabeth_low_valley

Cows. Cattle are herd animals, but obviously it doesn’t matter if members of their herd look just a little different than them. We aren’t complaining!

Photo from @mack_2388

Dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs? Even horses aren’t immune to the spell cute puppies put on everything and everyone they come across.

Photo from @them.2.redheads

Photo from @them.2.redheads

Goats. We all know how goats can be amateur trapeze artists. As we cansee, goats love horses and love to turn them into their personal jungle gym.

Photo from @mack_2388

Photo from @caitlyn_buchanan

How about you? Does your horse have a non-equine buddy? Share your pics on our Facebook page or tag your posts with #AQHAProud on Instagram or Twitter so we can see.