Ranch Riding Patterns

This free ebook packs in 30 ranch riding patterns so you can practice for your next horse show.

Ranch riding is one of AQHA’s fastest-growing classes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned horseman, the class offers challenges for every level of rider. And so, too, does the free ebook, Ranch Riding Patterns.

This free ebook starts off with the five official AQHA ranch riding patterns, then continues on with horse show patterns perfect for rookie riders on up to patterns previously featured at AQHA world championship shows.

If you’re looking for ranch riding or ranch horse pleasure patterns, you’ll want to download AQHA’s Ranch Riding Patterns.

These patterns provide plenty of inspiration for your practice, including maneuvers such as:

  • Turns
  • Backing
  • Sidepass
  • Walking over logs
  • Opening and closing gates
  • Lead changes – both flying and simple
  • Collecting and extending both the lope and trot

Challenge your horse and your horsemanship by downloading the free Ranch Riding Patterns ebook. These horse show patterns will help you hone your skills, whether you are competing in 4-H, versatility ranch horse or AQHA ranch riding competition.