A Trail Rider's Top 10 Resolutions

Wherever your trail-riding adventures take you, completing a milestone on the trail comes with a sense of accomplishment for you and your horse.

Photo courtesy of AQHA Journal.

There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom and partnership while riding a horse through an open flat land, the historic valleys of a majestic canyon, or the meandering trails of a hardwood forest.

We’ve compiled a list of trail-rider resolutions to spice-up your trail-riding endeavors this year. Including everything from testing your trail-riding skills, to how to get involved in preserving the trails you love, this list is sure to offer up some out-of-the-box ideas to excite your time on the trails.

A Trail Rider’s Top 10 Resolutions

1. Get rewarded for the time you spend in the saddle

  • Sign up for the AQHA Horseback Riding Program and start earning points and prizes just by riding horses! What could be better than getting rewarded for something you already love to do?

2. Work you way toward the 500-hour mark in the Horseback Riding Program

  • Choose from the AQHA division or the all-breeds division to start reaching those horseback riding goals. Reaching the 500-hour mark gives you an opportunity to be featured on AQHA’s Riding webpage, all while earning those points along the way!

3. Test your skills at an AQHA Trail Challenge

  • Put your horsemanship and your horse to the test at one of these fun and challenging events held at a location near you! Your Trail Challenge experience will also account for hours toward your Horseback Riding Program achievements.

The AQHA Horseback Riding Program can cater to any type of horseback rider, especially the avid trail-rider! Find out how you can get involved in this versatile and rewarding program.

4. Explore the great outdoors with fellow American Quarter Horse riders on an AQHA Trail Ride.

  • More than 80 trail rides held annually around the country and the world will give you plenty of opportunity to join together with other riders to celebrate a love of horses and trail riding.

 5. Land a grant to help maintain your favorite trails.

  • Learn how to get involved with STEP (Stewards for Trails, Education & Partnership) and be a part of restoring, repairing and establishing the trails you love.

 6. Try five new parks or public lands

  • Ride on out of your comfort zone and explore some of the greatest public lands and parks America has to offer.

7. Cultivate confidence horseback

  • Learn how to help an unsure horse find fearlessness with these tips from professional horseman Clinton Anderson.

The Horseback Riding Program is moving along full speed ahead! Learn more today about how you can join the adventure!

8. Camp-out on the trails for a complete weekend adventure

  • Check out these helpful tips and checklists for camping with your horse on the trails to ensure a safe, fun, and unforgettable camping experience.

9. Try your hand at bringing a pack-horse on your trail adventures.

  • Pack in even more fun as well as supplies on your next trail ride. When trained correctly, pack-horses can be efficient helpers as well as close companions for you and your trusty mount!

10. Tag your photos with #AQHAtrailride

  • Become a part of a horse-loving community that loves the trails as much as you do while sharing your own trail-riding pictures. AQHA might even choose your picture to showcase on the @officialaqha Instagram!