5,000 Hours and Counting

If you're looking for Horseback Riding Program participant Dee Ann Staley, good luck!

Saddle a good horse and head out to the Wayne National Forest of Ohio, and you might find Dee Ann Staley logging more hours and getting closer to her second 5,000-hour buckle with the AQHA Horseback Riding Program, in which you get rewarded for the time you spend horseback.

She also enjoys racking up hours during the thrill of competition. She shows in halter and barrel racing.

She competed with two halter horses at the 2007 AQHA World Championship Show: Tattle On Touchdown in aged stallions and Coolest Touch in open and amateur 3-year-old geldings. Coolest Touch earned eighth in amateur 3-year-old geldings.

"I like the competitiveness -- the excitement," Dee Ann said. "I show such totally different aspects from halter to barrels."

De Ann takes her barrel horse, The Judgement, a 1996 sorrel stallion on trail rides, but she accumulated about 90 percent of her HBR hours aboard another horse, 21-year-old bay gelding The Bud Light.

"Bud Light" qualified with De Ann in senior barrel racing at this year's World Show. She also qualified in seven halter classes.

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Dee Ann and her husband, Lonnie, trail ride for relaxation.

"We live in southern Ohio where Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia meet. So our house is in the middle of the Wayne National Forest, and you go out the back door to trail ride," she said.

"My husband likes to trail ride, but he really likes to camp. My idea of roughing it is the Holiday Inn!" Dee Ann said, laughing.

She said her favorite ride aboard Bud Light was at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with her father.

As a Civil War history buff, Dee Ann's father, James Staley, decided he wanted to go on the Gettysburg ride.

"So we packed everybody up and rode while my mother went shopping," Dee Ann said laughing. "It was great, tons of fun and it's the one (ride) that stands out because that was the last ride my dad was able to do with us."

Another portion of Dee Ann and Lonnie's involvement with Quarter Horses is their therapeutic riding facility. The star of their facility's show is 28-year-old mare, Tippys Sugar Bar, the 2007 MD Barns Silver Spur Award winner.

"Our school is called Mighty Oaks and Little Peanuts, and we take the kids on trail rides a lot," Dee Ann said.

The school provides individual care for mentally, physically and emotionally challenged children.

"You don't give Tippy to the little boy, you give the little boy to Tippy," Dee Ann said about their special mare.

Watch for Dee Ann and her Quarter Horses at the World Show this month in Oklahoma City. Click here for online coverage brought to you by The American Quarter Horse Journal.

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