White markings can fancy-up just about any color.

The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal

Imagine white markings as the frosting on a really good cake. They don't affect the basic makeup of a horse, but they top it and make it irresistible. A horse with lots of white markings -- termed "chrome" -- is flashy.

Head 'Em Up
There are a number of variations on facial white. A star is a small patch of white on the horse's forehead. A strip is a narrow path of white running down the face, while a blaze is much wider. A snip is a white marking between the two nostrils. A horse with a bald face has extensive white across its head, much wider than a blaze. It can extend out past the eyes and around the nostrils. A horse can also have a combination of these markings, such as a star and strip or star, strip and snip. If a horse just has a few white hairs on its head, this can be noted as well.

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All Leg
The smallest amount of leg white a horse can carry is called a coronet. This is a narrow marking that circles the coronet of the hoof. Add a tad more white, and you have a half pastern, which crawls halfway up to the horse's fetlock (or ankle). All the way to the fetlock, you have a pastern, which if it makes it over the fetlock and halfway up the cannon bone is termed a sock. A high white mark on a leg -- extending to the knee or hock and beyond -- is a stocking.

Stewards for Trails, Education and Partnerships

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    • Improves stewardship of land owned by horsemen that are adjacent to or critical to national land.
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