Corinne's Story

AQHA's online records helped one member find exactly what she was looking for.

Submitted by Corinne Tate

AQHA online records are a great way to research horses and their owners, and any AQHA member can access the information. Database users are discovering how easy it is to locate horses sold years ago or to research progeny. AQHA member Corinne Tate used the online records to locate offspring of a beloved mare she used to own. By using the online records, she was able to find and purchase one of the mare's offspring.

Here's what she told us about the process:

"Finding Poco Star Of Hope, or 'Hope' as we call her, has put to rest a feeling of emptiness that I've had since I was 15 years old. My mother bought Lou's Barbi, known as 'Barbi,' in 1974 or 1975. She was my first horse. I can remember seeing her for the first time like it was yesterday. I was so happy!

"Barbi was a lovely mare with a wonderful temperament. She never hurt me or bucked me off, even though I used to do silly things like stand on her or run and jump on her from behind like the cowboys in the movies. I pampered her, loved her and didn't want anyone else to ride her. I spent the next few years riding her in local gymkhanas and winning many ribbons and trophies on her.

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"Sadly, Barbi started showing signs of lameness and was diagnosed with navicular. I was only able to ride her lightly. As the lameness got worse, my mom and our veterinarian decided that nerving her would ease her discomfort. That seemed to help for a while. When she showed signs of lameness again, she was nerved once more, higher up her leg. I would take her for walks, with me on foot, up and down our road.

"One day, Barbi was gone. Because she could no longer be ridden, my mom had sold Barbi as a broodmare. I was brokenhearted. In talking with my mother now, she tells me that she didn't realize how much I loved Barbi. She said she never would have sold her if she had known.

"Barbi was a great companion to me, and many of my adolescent memories have her in them. So when I grew up and started buying my own horses, it sparked a quest to see whether it was possible to find one of Barbi's offspring.

"I used my (AQHA) membership PIN to request a progeny report on Barbi. I discovered that she had given birth to four foals. One of these was a stallion named Poco Husky Jr.

"I discovered that Poco Husky Jr had sired many offspring over the years, but most recent were two foals born since 2000. One was a mare that had died; the other was a mare named Poco Star Of Hope. With the help of the database, I was able to trace her to Dixon, Missouri.

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"Hope was owned by Gary and Mary Haas, owners of Haas Horse Farm. I sent an e-mail telling them about   my mission and asking whether they would be willing to sell Hope. I left my phone number and waited to hear from them. A day later, I got a call from Gary saying he would be willing to sell her. I was ecstatic! I decided I wanted her even before seeing the pictures they sent me. I mailed them a check and made arrangements to bring her to California.

"Hope has turned out to be all that I could have hoped for. I can see Barbi in her: the same build, the same temperament and the same eyes. I love her just as I loved Barbi."