Eight Horse Safety Rules

"If I've told you cnce..."

Time and again, your parents, barn buddies or riding coaches have nagged you about these horse safety rules.

But it won't hurt you to hear them again.

    • Don't run your horse back to the barn. That's how you teach your horse bad manners.
    • Don't wear inappropriate clothing. Flip-flops are for the beach, not the barn.
    • When cleaning out your horse's hooves, don't drag the hoof pick toward yourself and the horse. And for goodness sake, take off that loose jewelry!
    • Don't tie your horse too low. Remember, tie to the eye.
    • Don't walk under your horse while he's tied. If he spooks, you're in trouble.
    • Don't dig your spurs into him! Need I say more?
    • Don't undo the front cinch before unbuckling the back cinch, unless you want your saddle hanging upside-down.
    • Don't wrap the lead rope around your hand. And what did I tell you about that loose jewelry?

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