Fighting Flies

Don’t let pesky flies spoil warm days horseback riding with your horse.

Information from Tractor Supply Co.

Flies can carry diseases, so the best strategy for controlling them is by eliminating them at all stages of their life cycle by using a variety of products on your horse, in your barn and in other outdoor areas.

In the Barn

Proper fly control in the barn eliminates immature and adult flies. Because flies breed in manure and other moist, decaying organic matter, keep your barn as clean as possible. Fly control products you can use in the barn include feed-through fly control supplements, premise sprays and sticky traps. Follow these tips from Farnam to reduce your barn’s fly population.

    • Feed-through fly-control products eliminate flies in manure by keeping fly eggs from hatching with an insect growth regulator. While the regulator is bad for flies, it won’t harm your horse.
    • For the most effective results, all horses in the barn should be on the feed-through fly-control program as part of an effective strategy.
    • Use odor-free sticky traps to catch flies in your barn. Avoid using attractant traps inside because they draw more flies to the area.
    • At night, flies congregate away from wind and draft, so be sure to treat areas like rafters and ceilings.
    • When temperatures exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, flies feed on the floor. Put traps on the ground and treat floors with insecticides in warm weather.
    • Clean and disinfect stall walls. Wash all stall-cleaning equipment (muck tubs, wheelbarrows, shovels). Scrub water buckets and feed tubs; clean sweaty tack; wash horse boots and blankets regularly; and clean up hoof trimmings after shoeing.

It is important to keep your barn and equipment clean all year, not just when flies are a concern. Proper horse and barn management allows you to enjoy horse ownership more. If you're thinking about buying a horse and need tips, download AQHA's FREE Guide to Buying a Horse.

    • Keep feed covered. Don’t let spilled feed accumulate on the floor.

Outdoor Areas

Eliminate fly breeding in outdoor areas by keeping areas clean and free of manure and other trash. Products for outdoor fly control include scatter baits and insecticide-free bag and jug traps.

    • Use attractant traps on the perimeter of your property to draw flies away from the barn, patio, kennel or house.
    • Sprinkle fly bait in areas of heavy fly populations, away from children, livestock and pets.
    • Dispose of all fly breeding material including manure, used bedding, waste feed and other organic matter.If waste disposal isn’t possible, treat manure and other waste with an effective larvicide to break the fly life cycle.
    • Keep paddocks and corrals clean and dry.
    • Scrub outside water troughs weekly.
    • Remove anything that could collect standing water and serve as a mosquito breeding ground.

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Tractor Supply Co. offers a variety of Farnam fly-control products to help you battle flies, including sweat-resistant sprays, fly masks, feed-through fly-control products and fly traps.

In addition to these products, there are a few simple things you can do to control flies:

    • Clear manure, trash and hoof clippings out of your barn.
    • Remove soiled bedding promptly and replace it with clean, dry bedding.
    • Scrub horse supplies, buckets and troughs thoroughly and often.
    • Use fans to ensure a steady cross-breeze in your barn, since flies avoid the wind.

Make your horse and barn as comfortable as possible this summer by getting rid of flies.