Finding the Perfect Fit

Horseback riding tip: Accurate horse-blanket fit is important for your horse's comfort, warmth and movement.

From AQHA Corporate Partner SmartPak

When horseback riding, everyone knows your saddle needs to fit; but what about your horse blankets? Here’s how to make sure you’re wrapping your horses in well fitted blankets and giving them a big hug (and not a big rub)!

How to evaluate fit

A well-fitting blanket will keep your horse warm, cozy, and comfortable, but an ill-fitting blanket can restrict movement, cause rubs, shift, or get tangled. To ensure your horse’s new blanket is just right, test the fit by watching him walk and graze in it. These natural movements will highlight flaws in the fit. Be sure to evaluate the fit in these three key areas: the shoulders, the withers, and the length at the side.

A. Shoulders

The top of the front closure should line up with the point of your horse’s shoulder, and
the neckline should lie smoothly above his shoulder without pulling.

B. Withers

A blanket that’s pulled tight across your horse’s withers is a recipe for rubs. You should be able to slide one hand between the blanket and your horse’s withers.

C. Length

A blanket shouldn’t look like a mini-skirt or a bed skirt. Ideally your horse’s blanket should cover your horse’s barrel entirely, ending just below his elbow and stifle.

Learn more about proper blanket fit, including common problems like:

    • Stock horse build
    • High withers
    • Full bodied horses
    • Blanket Shredders

Plus, SmartPak takes you through each type of horse blanket and explains which blankets are appropriate for varying conditions.