Horse Color Anecdotes

Does your horse display the characteristics of his color?

Tradition, they say, can teach us a lot,

So here is what horsemen, on color, have thought.

A bay is hardy, a chestnut is fast

And you can't kill a buckskin: he'll last and last

A grey is gentle, a sorrel is hot

A dun is a horse you'll be happy you bought.

White eyes are flighty, white feet may crack

While some won't rely on the feet of a black.

Some pintos are lucky, like the medicine hat,

But all horsemen agree the best color is fat.

-- Anonymous

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The Myth About White Hooves

There are a multitude of "old wives' tales" when it comes to horses, but the one about hoof color simply isn't true.

The color of the hoof wall doesn't affect its quality. Genetics plays a role, as does nutrition.

Dr. Robert Agne of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, says, "Nutritional deficiencies will be reflected in the hoof wall quality and growth rates."

There are a variety of supplements available, but he says horses who get a balanced diet with an appropriate level of calories for their activity level should not need special hoof supplements.

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