Horse Riding Lessons for Kids

An innovative new tool is connecting horses and kids like never before.

October is my birth month, and I always enjoy looking back on the totally amazing birthday parties I had as a kid. My friends loved my parties, largely because it meant they’d get to ride a horse. And I loved the opportunity to share my wonderful lifestyle with a bunch of horse-crazy girls.

I was a lucky kid. I grew up on 20 acres, and our horse pasture was an easy stone’s throw from my bedroom window. I drifted to sleep every night to the soothing sounds of horse nickers, swishing tails and katydids. My childhood could be summed up simply: I rode whenever I wanted, and I rarely chose to keep my own two feet on the ground.

But for my suburban friends, the horse lifestyle was but a dream.

So, each October, they’d storm my house in droves, giddy with excitement in their city-slicker jeans. We’d saddle up a colorful assortment of American Quarter Horses, and, of course, they’d call dibs on their favorites (girls love palominos!). We’d take turns riding around the arena, my dad leading the rookies and the initially timid.

I loved watching my friends aboard the horses. You could see in their eyes the awe over such magnificent, graceful beasts; the joy of connecting with a living, breathing, caring, gentle creature; the interesting and craveable motion of the horse, which made riding their bikes and scooters down the street seem mundane. They were in love!

And then it would be over. My sweet little friends would go home and wait a whole year for their next horse experience at Jody’s birthday party.

But what if horse interactions didn’t have to be so rare? What if parents of horse-crazy kids had a better resource for connecting with horses?

Enter Take Me Riding.

My first reaction when I visited this new website was, “I wish we had this when I was a kid!

With the click of a button, Take Me Riding guides you toward all kinds of wonderful horse resources to help kids get closer to horses. It’s the first website to provide geo-targeted horse locations, and AQHA is proud to support it.

Based on your location, you’ll find:

•    Horse trainers and riding instructors
•    Riding centers
•    Horse shows and events
•    Locations of 4-H offices, trail rides and more places to learn about getting involved with horses

Try out the map and find a horse near you!

Take Me Riding also offers free horse games for kids, horse videos and other interactive elements to keep kiddos entertained and learning about their favorite animal.

As a kid, I would have loved sharing this website with my friends and furthering their love of horses. But as a mom, I’m even more excited to help future generations fall in love with the animal that raised me.

I encourage you to check it out. You’re just a couple clicks away from getting the kiddos signed up for horseback riding lessons near you!