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With this behind-the-scenes look at the latest Ford F-150 ad, you'll see the close connection between the legendary Four Sixes Ranch and the reliability of Ford vehicles.

Ford vehicles play an important role at the Four Sixes Ranch. Journal photo.

In celebration of a new AQHA president and the 2015 Ford F-150, AQHA and Ford Motor Company teamed up at the legendary Four Sixes Ranch for a photo shoot to create an ad to be featured in America’s Horse and The American Quarter Horse Journal.

AQHA was behind the scenes chronicling the project. Watch our video showing world-renowned photographer Wyman Meinzer working with Ford to take AQHA President Dr. Glenn Blodgett and the 2015 Ford F-150 through a series of locations on the Four Sixes Ranch, where Dr. Blodgett works as head veterinarian.

With nearly 350,000 acres, the Four Sixes Ranch uses Ford vehicles exclusively.

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“Fords are all we drive here and all I drive personally,” Dr. Blodgett says. “We really like them. They’re a good, tough, durable vehicle that’s smooth and comfortable to ride in, with plenty of power. The new 2015 F-150 with the new aluminum body offers the same things we enjoy in our other pickups here with respect to comfort and power, and it appears to be very durable. I like all the features. It’s a really a nice truck.”

Backdrops for the photo shoot included the famous red Four Sixes barn, the mare barn, Dr. Blodgett’s offices and a pasture with dozens of pregnant mares representing current family lines at the Four Sixes, including daughters and granddaughters of Tanquery Gin and Paddys Irish Whisky, among others. Wyman used working cowboys from the ranch as secondary elements.

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“This project is special to us because it involves the AQHA president and Ford Motor Company, which is one of our great partners that offers a discount to AQHA members looking to buy Ford trucks or cars,” says AQHA Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships and Business Development Leman Wall. “This ad helps showcase the new F150 and the connection Ford has with AQHA.”

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*Must be an AQHA member for 60 days and a U.S. resident.

Roll It!

AQHA and Ford team up for a project celebrating AQHA President Dr. Glenn Blodgett of the Four Sixes Ranch and the new Ford F-150. Renown photographer Wyman Meinzer shares behind-the-scene details of the shoot and how he got those perfect shots.