Horseback-Riding Footwear

Justin Boots are handcrafted to meet equestrians' needs.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Justin Boots

Since the establishment of Justin Boots in 1879, the leading western footwear brand has remained committed to its roots of handcrafting authentic boots in the United States. Justin Boots are each handcrafted by skilled bootmakers, who put in many hours and take more than 100 steps to make each pair. Each boot is made from the finest leathers and materials for supreme quality and character. The bootmakers at Justin Boots are dedicated to making sure the boots are not only great-looking, but comfortable and fit to their purpose.

Whether you’re wearing your Justin Boots out on the ranch, riding or out for a night on the town, there is a style for everyone. Justin Boots accommodates the wearer’s needs by Justin offering features to fit the boot’s function, including various heel sizes, leathers and industry-leading comfort technologies for different occasions.

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In 2007, Justin Boots identified a void in the market for boots that filled equine consumer needs. Due to Justin Boots’ longtime relationship with AQHA, it was a natural fit for AQHA and Justin Boots to partner together to create a collection that achieved riders’ wants and needs. The equine community needed boots with technology for long-lasting comfort in tough riding and working conditions, durability to stand years of wear, and a distinct and fashionable look. Over the last eight years, the Justin Boots AQHA Lifestyle Collection has met these needs and continues to grow with the latest technology, materials and styles.

The Justin Boots AQHA Lifestyle Collection offers fashionable and functional boots made with intricate details and exotic materials with specialized solutions for the equestrian consumer. Justin Boots first premiered the AQHA Lifestyle Collection with the Remuda Series, which offered a fashion-forward style for the equine consumer who needs a boot that can be worn on and off the horse. The Remuda Series is available in exotic and working leathers and includes all-leather outsoles, double-welt stitching and bold designs, all handcrafted in the United States.

The second series from the Justin Boots AQHA Lifestyle Collection is the Q-Crepe Series, engineered with a thinner crepe outsole for optimal functionality. The entire collection features the J-Flex Flexible Comfort System for comfort and Grip-on-Demand technology for added resilience and more control so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance.

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The AQHA Lifestyle Collection from Justin Boots features exotic materials, such as cowhide, caiman and ostrich. This year, the AQHA Remuda Series features new exotic leather options such as shark and caiman, in addition to the full-quill ostrich. These leathers are unique and of the highest quality for a sharp looking boot. These materials come in numerous colors and styles to meet your preferences.

The Justin brand and the AQHA have a longtime history of shared values and rich heritage. The AQHA Lifestyle Collection by Justin Boots is just part of Justin Boots’ commitment to western values. Justin Boots designed the AQHA Lifestyle collection with you in mind, so you can be assured they are handcrafted to perfection. Shop the entire men’s collection and women’s collection or check out all Justin Boots has to offer at JustinBoots.com.