How to Use Duct Tape During Your Horseback Ride

In Part 2 of this series, read the duct-tape tales of other AQHA fans.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

As discovered in last week’s post, duct tape can fix nearly any problem you come across in your horseback-riding adventures.

Even our Journal readers have experienced the heroic qualities of duct tape. Check out these stories:

A Saved Headlight

“We were pulling out of the barn one night going to a horse show, and we noticed there was something wrong with the headlights on the truck,” says Cloudette Heichel of Sunbury, Ohio. “We looked down, and they were just not looking right, so we got out of the truck and saw that they had fallen down. So what do we do? Run for the duct tape.

“When we were done, the whole front end of the truck was a duct-tape mess. We pulled into the show, and I have never gotten so many weird looks in my life. I went into my first class that night, and I heard someone say in the background, ‘Hey, are those the people with the duct-taped truck?’ I have never laughed so hard in my life. I must say that the judge gave me one weird look!”

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Real Silver

“My late father-in-law, Reed Kettlewell, an AQHA judge, maintained that duct tape was the silver on his old Porter ranch saddle,” says AQHA member Greg Booth of Brainerd, Minnesota. “It had a silver cantle, silver-wrapped horn, silver fenders.”

25 Additional Duct-Tape Uses

As you ponder the sticky experiences of your fellow horse enthusiasts, here are 25 more ways The American Quarter Horse Journal compiled to solve all your life’s problems with duct tape:

    • Repair water buckets that crack in cold weather. This works especially well if you tape the inside and outside of the crack.
    • Wrap handles of your wheelbarrow to prevent splinters.
    • Tape the bottom of a tube sock and use it as a tail bag.
    • Put an emergency hem in your showmanship pants.

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    • Apply duct tape around the spur rowels of an overzealous rider.
    • Stick strips of duct tape to the electric fence so horses will be sure to see it.
    • Tape cooler lids shut when transporting them in the back of a pickup.
    • Mend broken and splintering vinyl fences by taping the problem area.
    • To deter foals from eating mom’s tail, braid her tail, wrap it up, put it in a sock or tail bag, and cover with duct tape.
    • Label hat boxes.
    • Tape up holes in your boots.
    • Cover rust spots in old vehicles.
    • Tape children together at horse shows so they don’t stray. (Just kidding!)
    • Hold your car window up if it gets off track.
    • Waterproof your shoes.
    • If you have a broken leg or foot, cover the cast with duct tape to preserve the doctor’s handiwork. This will keep the doctor from knowing how much you tromped around the barn on that broken limb.
    • Apply duct tape to the back of sand paper to make it last longer and protect your hands from splinters and rough surfaces.
    • Use as reflective tape for night riding by putting it on both you and your horse.
    • Patch up a slow leak in truck tire. After all, they say you haven’t seen a redneck until you’ve seen a truck coming down the road with a tire wrapped in duct tape.
    • Tape sheets of plastic to stall windows in winter.

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