Junior Master Horseman

"Junior Master Horseman" teaches horsemanship in fun, age-appropriate ways.

The mission of "Junior Master Horseman" is to provide a fun, interactive and engaging youth program that promotes love, appreciation and passion for horses. Here's an example of what you'll find in the pages of JMH:

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Check Your Horse Before You Ride

As a responsible horseman, you should take time to carefully check for soundness and overall health before you begin exercising  your horse.

Before saddling up, give your horse a good hand check. Feel for any sore spots, bruises, or rough places under the skin.

Look closely for cuts that might need doctoring. Cuts on the tongue or chewing on the bit may mean a floating (smoothing of the teeth) is needed. Brush and pick each hoof. Look for eye matting, a runny nose, or excessive slobbering at the mouth.

"Junior Master Horseman" empowers children with useful ways and ideas to safely interact with their horse, or the horse they dream of someday owning!

Be aware of your horse's droppings, too, which can alert you to other unseen conditions that can be serious to your horse's well-being.

"I am not a certified trainer or instructor, just a grandmother of four granddaughters who love to ride Quarter Horses. I believe I have a responsibility to help educate my grandchildren to keep them safe around our horses and to keep our Quarter Horses that we love safe.

"In an online world where I am bombarded with useless information and educational want-to-be's, it is wonderful to have a site like America's Horse Daily to visit with my grandchildren sitting beside me. There are so many great tips for my family. But my favorite tip was the introduction to 'Junior Master Horseman.' I ordered the Level One book for my three granddaughters here in California and one for my granddaughter who takes lessons in North Carolina. I listed myself as the instructor and gave my grandchildren a group of their own. In my grandchildren's words, "Totally awesome."

"With 'Junior Master Horseman' and America's Horse Daily, I can continue to teach my grandchildren about horses (until they're older and they read faster than I do; then they can teach me), and be sure I am giving them sound facts and advice from trainers who are easy to understand and very reputable. A sincere thank you!"

Phyllis Simmerman
Porterville, CA

Learn More About Horses and Horse Care With The Junior Master Horseman Program

The Junior Master Horseman program also offers dynamic activities and the interactive Web site juniormasterhorseman.com. This horse-based curriculum fits nicely in the 4-H model, in a classroom and in a horse-school regimen.

The lessons and activities incorporate math, science, language arts and history and meet the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) teaching standards.

McREL is an internationally recognized, private, nonprofit organization that provides nationally researched developmental benchmarks for educational curriculums.

Additionally, JMH can supplement a teacher’s lesson plans for these basic subjects. At the end of each chapter, teachers or group leaders can test the comprehension of their students by logging on the Web site and using the “comprehension checks.” After passing the comprehension check, students can print out a certificate of completion.

Have a young horse lover in your life? Enjoy the experience of spending time with your young horseman as you work together through the "Junior Master Horseman" books.

Almost any educator knows that youth learn best when they can experience the lesson. Instructors from across the United States have test-piloted JMH, using it in 4-H, after-school and home-schooling programs, riding camps and riding lessons.

JMH has the hallmarks of a quality curriculum, with clearly defined goals, specific lessons, engaging characters and interactive learning.

Fun Activities Make it Easy for Kids to Retain Information

The Junior Master Horseman program is supported through a partnership with the American Quarter Horse Associationand the American Youth Horse Council (AYHC). AQHA and AYHC believe that Kids + Horses = Magic.