Logging Your Horseback Riding Hours

Heed these tips for staying organized and keeping track of the hours you spend in the saddle.

One of the best benefits of AQHA membership is the opportunity to log your hours spent in the saddle and earn great rewards. The AQHA Horseback Riding Program is sponsored by Professional’s Choice and SmartPak and is designed to reward AQHA members for the time spent doing what they love – riding their horses. Check out the amazing rewards you can earn on a regular basis!

But how, exactly, do you log your hours and submit them?

You can either log them by hand using our log sheets and mail or fax them to AQHA, or you can use our online logging system.

Either way, it’s best to keep up with your hours on a regular basis and send them in to AQHA often. The more frequently you submit your hours to AQHA, the more quickly your rewards will stack up!

We asked some friends on the AQHA Facebook page how they manage their Horseback Riding Program hours:

Before you see how other members log their hours, make sure you're an AQHA member, too! The Horseback Riding Program is one of the many perks of being a member. Become a member today to enhance your horse experiences!

    • Julie Nicolai submits her hours online each week and says the system works slick.
    • Marci Johnson uses the paper forms to keep track of her miles on a regular basis, then uses them as a guide to submit her hours online.
    • Marialice Ribelin uses a chalkboard in her tack stall to log her hours, and then she enters them online regularly, when the chalkboard gets full.
    • Mike Cooper keeps track of his miles in the notes section on his cell phone. Then every couple of days, he logs them online.
    • Meghan Black, who just finished logging 5,000 hours on her Quarter Horse, logs her hours online, once or twice per week. “This was the fastest and easiest way to do it, since I live in Canada and postage to the U.S. is pretty pricey!”
    • Lou Boggs uses a calendar that hangs near her computer to log her hours every day. Then she files them online about once a month.
    • Kathy Lichy used to use the paper log sheets but now uses the online system. “The paper is still nice, though, because I can see the last time I rode and where, and I can jot down notes as to what we could improve on while out riding.”
    • Lori Urbatsch uses a cell phone app that records and maps her rides. “It has a horseback riding mode and it records distance, time and calories you burn while in the saddle. I've used the map while riding to figure out if I was heading the wrong direction. You can leave a note as to which horse you rode if you have more than one. I then check the weekly summary to help me record my hours online with AQHA.”
    • Marilyn Wegweiser logs her hours online either the day she rides or once a week.
    • Jodi Mutch Billingsley logs her hours every time she rides. “I love to trail ride, and the program adds extra fun to the ride. Thank you.”
    • Pat Jackson logs her hours online after every ride. “That way I am always up to date. Love the online feature!”

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More About the Horseback Riding Program

Any AQHA or AQHYA member can join the AQHA Horseback Riding Program online with a one-time enrollment fee of $35. You may choose to enter the Quarter Horse division or the All-Breeds division.

Prizes accumulate as you log hours and include patches, clothing, tack and belt buckles.

Enroll today and submit your hours often to get the very most out of your time in the saddle.

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