Rocking Boots

Introducing a new line of edgy, fashion-forward boots from Justin.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Justin Boots

Bent Rail Collection

Justin Boot Co. has launched a boot collection that combines a fashion-forward western authenticity with a flare for the edgy alternative-country style. Designed to engage music lovers, the launch of the Justin Bent Rail Collection is about more than just boots.

Set to hit stores this month, the Justin Bent Rail Collection moves to a beat of its own. In the creation of this distinctive new boot line, the Justin Boots brand tapped into fashion cues and tips straight from fans. The collection started by conducting onsite consumer research at concert venues.

The Justin Bent Rail Collection offers a broad range of styles for men and women. With this collection, men can rock ruggedly hip pull-on styles with distressed leathers, embroidered graphics, hot stitch patterns, laid-back looks and western-inspired boots with vintage stylings. Women can flaunt funky boots with cool textures, trendy designs and fashion-forward silhouettes, with eclectically rich tones and colors.

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Justin's Bent Rail Collection was inspired by music, and made for music lovers. Listen to some amazing music on Cory Morrow's CD, "Full Exposure Live."

Boot Care Tips

    • Many scuff marks can be removed with an ordinary pencil eraser -- particularly those marks made from scuffing one boot against the heel of the other.
    • The one thing that will do the most to take care of your boots is a daily wipe off after wearing. Use an old cloth, a damp sponge or even your socks.
    • An all-purpose cleaner and conditioner will foam dirt up and away. Rinse under a faucet before conditioning. It is important to remove the suds from any type of cleaner.
    • An old toothbrush can be used to clean the welt of your boot. It may also be used to condition the seam between leather upper and sole.

Burnt Outsoles

Burnt outsoles are a frequent cause of wear complaints. When any type of wet or damp footwear with leather outsoles is placed over an open fire to dry, the heat will break down the fibers of the leather and cause the outsole to wear out prematurely.

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The proper way to maintain the life of your soles and boots is to insert boot jacks into the damp boots and allow them to dry out slowly in a well ventilated room.  If boot jacks are not available, stuff the boots with newspaper.

There is no doubt that horses have made their mark on society, from helping ancient commanders win battles, to the formation of the cowboy-boot-wearing culture. Learn more about how horses have played an integral role in society in our "The Horse and Society" DVD.