Trail Conservation Program

Tractor Supply Company sponsors a worthwhile trail conservation program.

Tractor Supply Co. sponsors AQHA’s trail conservation program, STEP (Stewards for Trails, Education and Partnerships), which allows individuals to submit trail conservation project proposals nationwide. A committee of officials from AQHA, Tractor Supply and the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource will review each individual proposal, select the individual projects for funding and assist in organizing volunteers for the completion of the approved projects.

Projects will be selected based on the potential for the amount of impact for trail sustainability and community involvement. Forms for submitting trail conservation projects and additional information can be found at ridegreen.aqha.com.

Equestrian groups and individuals are encouraged to participate in trail maintenance and restoration projects through the STEP program.

“Tractor Supply’s sponsorship of this program enables us to build and strengthen our relationship with equestrian groups and horse owners,” says Jonathan Swiskow, director of marketing at Tractor Supply. “As the sponsor, we hope to not only preserve riding trails for our customers, but also stress the importance of environmental stewardship and land conservation for future generations.”

Additional benefits of STEP include helping national land managers recruit volunteers for trail stewardship, educating equestrians to be effective advocates for trail stewardship, maintaining goals for trails and trailheads with land management, improving stewardship of land owned by horsemen adjacent to or critical to national land, and building and/or strengthening relationships between local equestrian communities and land managers for long-term stewardship of trails, trailheads and campgrounds.

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STEP Tips:

    • Planting vegetable seeds - When growing a vegetable garden from seeds, you'll use one of three techniques for sowing - broadcast, hills or rows. Each one has advantages for certain kinds of plants. Find more information at TractorSupply.com/gardening.
    • Pest control - Lady bugs, ground beetles and praying mantises are just a few of the many insects that can help you control real pests in your garden. Make them feel at home by planting nectar-producing flowers, spreading some mulch, and putting out some water for your little helpers. For tips on keeping ants, snails, spider mites and other harmful pests out of your garden, visit www.Tractorsuppy.com/gardening.

A National Stewardship Award will be given each year to a group or organization whose project proves commendable through community involvement and sustainability throught the STEP program.