Two-Minute Trailer-Safety Checklist

Is your rig ready for the next trip with your horses?

From AQHA Corporate Partner USRider

The last thing you want is to have a mechanical problem with your horse trailer when you’re on your way out or coming back from enjoying a beautiful dayat the show or on the trail with your horse. At the least, such a problem can cause a delay; at the worst, it can put your horse in danger.

Next time you’re about to hit the road, use this handy checklist to keep your truck and horse trailer trip-ready and horse-safe.

Check the Truck:

    • Check the oil, water, brake fluid and steering fluid levels.
    • Check the air pressure in all the tires.
    • Quick Tip: Carry at least one quart of oil in your truck, just in case.

Check the Trailer:

    • Make sure the hitch is welded on tight in back and bolted to the frame in front.
    • Make sure the channel that slides into the hitch is heavy and free of wear.
    • Make sure the nut that holds the ball in place on the channel is tight.
    • Make sure the king pin is through the channel and hitch.
    • Quick Tip: Be sure to check the keeper.

Check the Coupler:

    • Make sure the bull dog coupler that fits over the ball on the channel is on tight.
    • Put the keeper on, so the collar won’t be released.
    • Quick Tip: Make sure the ball fits the coupler.

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Check the Chains:

    • Hook the chains from the trailer to the truck.
    • Quick Tip: Cross the chains, so if the trailer gets loose, they’ll keep the tongue off the ground.

Brake Lights:

    • Plug in brake lights and close the keeper.

Hitch Stand:

    • Make sure hitch stand is cranked all the way up and is all the way underneath the trailer.
    • Make sure the breakaway brake cable is attached to the truck.
    • Quick Tip: Make sure the hitch stand handle is flipped down.

Trailer Lights:

    • Check the trailer-light battery.
    • Quick Tip: Check for leaks in battery casing.


    • Keep the windows directly in front of your horse closed to help protect his eyes from dust and debris.
    • Quick Tip: Open the other windows for ventilation.

Living Quarters:

    • Make sure everything is secured so nothing falls inside the trailer and spooks your horse.

Inside the Trailer:

    • Make sure vents are open for ventilation.
    • Quick Tip: Use a keeper on the trailer door to make it extra secure.