Why Quarter Horses Are Worth It

Horse people are used to making sacrifices in order to enjoy some horseback-riding time. We asked you on Facebook why it is all worth it. Here are some of your reasons:

Compiled by Nicki Csenge, summer 2015 AQHA online communications and publications intern

AQHA fans told us why their American Quarter Horses are worth making sacrifices for. Journal photo.

“I raised my last horse, and he has given his all. I love the feel. I love the bond we have. I love to hear his nicker when I call him. And I love his hugs. Yes, he gives me hugs when I'm giving him a good shoulder scratch. I'm 67, and he is 19.”
- Pamela Kaparoff Gutierrez

“I love being with all the horses at our barn. It's such a calming effect for me. I suffer from severe migraines, and this is a form of therapy for me. I find that I can bond with horses when using a gentle voice. It gives a sense of trust.”
- Janice Niemi

“No matter what else is going on in life, they bring me peace.”
- Cassie Hill

“Time spent with my horses is time spent being my true self. I'm not a wife, mother, teacher, etc. I am 'me'. The rest of the world disappears, along with all my stresses and worries. I could not live a fulfilling life without my horses. There would be a hole.”
- Kelly Ashworth

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“The feeling that my horse and I are one makes all the hard work worth it. The bond between us is unlike any other.”
- Melissa Ceresko

“It's happiness and pure enjoyment! I sleep well at night after a day full of working around the barn, grooming, cleaning tack, etc. I love the nickers when I walk into the barn in the morning, I like the quiet, listening to contented chewing walking out from the barn to my house at evening.”
- Janet Edmonds

“When someone you've never met comes up to you and tells you that you've done an excellent job with your horse, that makes it all worth it. I do all the work on my horses, and it's a great feeling. It's not about judges. Every judge has a different opinion and perspective.”
- Magen Morriss

“Simple answer for me: They are what makes me happy.”
- Connie Barry

“My husband and I opted for a very small wedding, held in the barn with our horses, as we consider them part of our family. We don't go on many dates, our rides together are so much better than nights out. The horses have so much personality and bring joy, laughter and balance to our crazy lives!”
- Noemie Wheatley

“When I am with my horse, I am my truest self. Because he does not judge me, I can be compassionate, patient and loving. I try to transfer what he teaches me into all of the other parts of my life.”
- Caddie Duferrena

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“That moment he puts his head down and steps forward toward the source of his fear, only because he trusts you.”
- Herman Jan Houweling

“It is my family. The horses, the people, the ups and downs. I know I have a cavalry if I need one - therapy, exercise, community, belonging, all of these and so much more. No words can describe it, go and look and a person and their horse in an ‘unobserved’ moment.”
- Jonna Boon Scott

“My horses are my stress relief from life. It has been rough lately. My grief therapist told me to ride as much as possible.”
- Karen Sischo Fleischmann

“You'll work the same horse every day, but it's different every day. That's the beauty of it!!”
- Regardt Van Rooyen

“It's everything to me - the sounds and smells of the horses and barn, the thrill of the show ring, the glory of hard work paying off, even if you do not place. The horses are my mental and physical therapy, my refuge from the world, my church. The bond I share with my horses and being able to see that bond form between my children and the horses has no price tag. It's all priceless.”
- Kara Rose

“There is nothing else in the world that compares. Nothing.”
- Jade Parmley