How to Find Time for Horseback Riding

We asked AQHA social media fans how they balance horseback riding and their studies during a busy school year.

Balancing an education and horseback- riding endeavors can be difficult, so we asked AQHA social media fans to share their insights. Journal photo

It’s no secret that owning and caring for a horse is time consuming. From feeding to exercising to cleaning stalls, horse care is no quick and easy task. Throw a jam-packed school schedule in the mix, and equestrians can find themselves with little time to ride.

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With back-to-school season upon us, we were curious to know how AQHA members around the world balance their education and love for horses. We posed the question on AQHA social media and compiled your answers here. From spending lunches at the barn to freeing up weekends for horses, the comments were insightful, and we hope you find them just as helpful as we did.

Question: How do you balance a jam-packed school schedule and your passion for American Quarter Horses?

Here are some of the answers we received:

  • “I boarded my horse near the college I went to. I got up early and fed my horse before classes. I would go back to the barn after classes and before work. It made for a busy schedule, but it kept me sane.” – Elisabeth Smith, Facebook
  • “Ride (during) early mornings and late nights.” – Trez Wald, Facebook
  • “(I) do as much homework as I can on the days I’m not at the barn.” – Morgan Dalbini, Instagram
  • “Homework on the way to the barn and homework when my mom has her lesson and I’m waiting.” – Grace B., Instagram
  • “I board my horse with family friends who take care of her during the week while I’m at school, and on the weekends, I’m out riding and working.” – Mack Mikula, Facebook
  • “Lucky for me, I go to an online school so I can be with my AQHA yearling throughout the day! I also plan time to be with her during lunch and whenever I have free time.” – Leah Brooks, Facebook
  • “I’m homeschooled and ride for recess.” – Sawyer Duckwitz, Instagram
  • “School, home for 10 minutes, (then) off to riding lessons I go!” – Maddy Shannon, Facebook

Thanks to AQHA social media fans for sharing these tips on balancing school and horses. Like us on Facebook and be on the lookout for future questions!

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